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Friday, May 21, 2010

Felony Assault Charges Jail Coudersport Couple For Abusing Their Kids

Coudersport Couple Jailed For Abusing Kids

By James Jones
Solomon's words

A Coudersport couple were arrested, arraigned, and jailed Wednesday on felony charges involving allegations of mistreatment of their two children over a period from June 2003 thru January of 2007, at which point the children were removed from the home and parental rights revoked.

Norman Buchanan Sr., 56, and Dorothy Evelyn Buchanan, 41, both of Coudersport, PA, were jailed in lieu of bail.

Sweden Valley Police Chief Bryan Phelps reports in an affidavit of probable cause filed in District Court 55-3-01, that he was requested by District Attorney Andy Watson, to conduct an investigation into the allegations.

Chief Phelps interviewed the two minor children. They gave statements that while living with their biological parents at 580 North Hollow Road, in Sweden Township, between June 2003 and January of 2007, the children were subjected to physical and mental abuse, which have left issues that have had lasting effects, that are still being addressed, and have left scars, and possible permanent physical damage.

The male minor reported that while they were home schooled, they would be forced to watch his parents have sex (part of sex education), and that they were forced to sleep with the parents. The minor became very upset with this part of the interview, stating that her father would lay on top of her and act out sexual contact on her. Her mother wouldn’t stop it.

The children both reported that both parents would verbally/physically abuse them with sticks, fists, wire coat hangers, and for punishment would place them outside without shoes, coats or winter attire, and pour water over them and leave them outside in the cold for extended periods of time.

The minor daughter was to have had several doctor appointments that were missed or neglected. She was left out of her required brace for her illness, and now has to have corrective surgeries. She is developmentally challenged due to the parents’ neglect of care for their minor child.

Norman Buchanan also poisoned their dogs with rat poison and then hung them from the front porch, where he struck them with sticks and tortured them until they were dead, throwing their dead bodies into the creek to be washed away. Chief Phelps ended both affidavits with the allegations that Norman and Dorothy Buchanan were the parents of these minor children and had a duty of care for these children and neglected them and abused them both physically and mentally.

Norman Buchanan Sr., was charged with 2 counts of SIMPLE ASSAULT; 2 counts of HARASSMENT; INDECENT ASSAULT; INDECENT ASSAULT/UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE; 2 counts of ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN; 2 counts of CRUELTY TO ANIMALS; and 2 counts of felony 1 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT. He was jailed in lieu of $15,000.00 bail.

Dorothy Buchanan was charged with 2 felony 1 counts of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT; 2 counts of SIMPLE ASSAULT; 2 counts of HARASSMENT; and 2 counts of ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN. She was jailed in lieu of $10,000.00 bail.

Both Buchanans face preliminary hearings tentatively scheduled for May 27, 2010 before District Judge Annette L. Easton in District Court 55-3-01.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only $15,000 bail? Does ayone know if this is a minimum, maximum or what for this kind of atrocity? Matthew 18:6, " But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." And that is a lot less than I would want to see happen to these two hideous people.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Treat them the same way they treated the dogs! Those poor kids have to live with this now. We need to keep these kids in our prayers and also pray that the parents don't get off easy, they need to do hard time, for a very long time!

Anonymous said...

Well this is not the 1st time for these parents. They lived at Andrew Settlement a few years back and Norman sent time in PC jail for abusing his sons where they were locked up in the closet for the night and not allowed out to go to the bathroom and they were not given any supper and Dorothy allowed all of it at that time to happen and she might have had some parenting classes or something similar but no jail time.

One question is why wasn't our legal system and PC Child & Welfare watching them after their first offense??

If proven guilty this time they both had better be sent to the big houses and never around children again!! They might get taken care of in the big house!! Sick-sick-people.

I am sure the courts and newspapers can find all of their
previous mistreatment of children listed in the records. I cannot remember what year this happened but remember the incident.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again.....
Why such graphic detail in this report?
It has been many years since I have read stories of Norman and Mrs. Norman mistreating and abusing and neglecting children. It used to be a pretty regular feature in the Enterprise and Times Herald to read about these dildines and their parenting techniques. Why was this situation allowed to get this far before somebody intervened?
I know -- it was all that paperwork that the officers at Human Services Protective Childrens Agency had to work on, right?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely deplorable that this can happen to these children again!!! These "parents" need to be locked up and they keys thrown away!!! What sickos..........

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the piles of papers that we are all supposed to be able to see soon from PC Human Services. Yes, no matter where you work there is piles of paper but today a lot of it is being entered into the computer and not required to be completed manually. It may have to be printed out but if you take care of it immediately it will not smother you!!

If you let it bury you, maybe you can get some added people to help or maybe you can get sometone to cut the red tape!!

Anonymous said...

My youngest daughter went to grade school with a Buchanan boy at NoPo, brought his jacket home one day for me to wash and dry for him and she took it to school the next day for him. This was many years ago as she has graduated from high school and is entering her second year of college.

I was so upset about this poor little boy and what he was going through.

The school knew and the church knew too. The nice church ladies would go to the house and clean it up before the county people came to do an inspection. Boy that really helped out these kids now didn't it?! Should have let the system do its job and work all those years ago, might have ended up differently for the siblings of that young boy...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,, interesting reading, http://ujsportal.pacourts.us/DocketSheets/CPReport.aspx?matterID=34920097



I don't understand why this was allowed to happen again, considering their past records pasted above. Our Courts failed these children.

Anonymous said...

NONE OF THIS IS TRUE! These parents are not as bad as people make them out to be. They have not had a child live with them in over 3yrs now and all the sudden they are getting even more charges thrown at them. The two minor children that were interviewed have resided with their older half sister for the last 3yrs. She who hates her biological parents with a passion and wants to see them die in jail. She has been out to get them since 1997. Someone should go see the way she parents. These two children have had no contact what so ever with their parents in over three years and they were told to say these things. Its so obvious. What is wrong with Potter County Court? If the Buchanan parents where that bad why didnt they take all remaining children from them years ago? Children are molded and shaped into what to tell police and if they dont then they know whats going to happen to them when they get home. They lie about almost anything. One child that was taken from Norman and Dorothy years ago and was adopted, has no lasting affects of what was supposed to have happened to him when he was younger. He loves his parents. He has forgiven them and doesnt recall any bad things that happened. I hope the court is fair to this couple and does the right thing. And I hope they really investigate the TRUTH. Because HATRED is a very powerful thing and only GOD knows the real truth.

Anonymous said...

As the tears pour down my face my the grace of God help these children thru this. May the parents get exactly what they gave.

Anonymous said...

This is just plain sick! Those poor children! The so called parents should not even have a bail set!! They should not be allowed on the streets again!!! I agree with first poster(3:28pm),they should be fed rat poison,hung out and beet with sticks,hit and poked with wire coat hangers until they bleed!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely believe the charges. This family lived in Galeton a few years back, and I remember the horror stories about their abuse to their children then. I reported them twice to human services, but nothing that I know of ever happened. Their daughter Iva, who was 16 at the time ended up with a boy a couple years her senior, who ended up in jail for abuse to children a couple of years after left Galeton. It doesn't surprise me that nothing was ever done.

Anonymous said...

My god that breaks my heart! Those poor kids and animals. :(

To the Friday, May 21, 2010 5:44:00 PM EDT comment:

I truly believe you are full of shit. You can't arrest someone without evidence and there must have been a lot of it in order for the police to be able to do so. Also the article states that the children had scars to prove it and even states that the one child is having several surgeries to fix it.

Anonymous said...

i read this and i cried. I walked over to my children gave them a hug and told them i loved them. how could this happen... what is wrong with people. and for post 544 what you are talking bout is bs... were you there watching and participating with this sick bechavior... wow..i just wish the children of the world could be safe and happy from the ingnorance and bad acts of their own kind... they say children hold lifes secret maybe the secret is what can save them

Anonymous said...

Blog owner you need to bring down the dildine on this string before it gets compleatly out of hand.

Anonymous said...

5:44 YOU ARE SO SO VERY SAD. I went to school with some of the older kids, and as you say yourself they are molded into what they become. I'll spare you the details, but lets say they've continued what they were taught. These people are not parents, they may have biologically had children, but parents they have never been. They are a disgrace and a threat to society and their behaviour needs to be condemned. I know of these people personally and with that I say you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting such behavior.

As for children services, pffft more apt than not they're just stirring up trouble for people that don't deserve it, and neglecting those that do; no doubt they probably don't want anymore "paperwork".

Anonymous said...

Too all of the above I thank you in all your comments and support AI am the oldest Child of MR and MRS.Buchanan Sr...I am the one whom has adopted and am rasiing my younger two siblings at this time.I am just very thankful that they are finally going to have to answer for what they have done over the years like when I Was removed in 1986 perminetely and in 1997 when my two brother's were taken away.
There were so many services offered to help them as parents but no PSYCHOLOGICAL help offered.I truely love my parents becasue they are my parents and Iwas raised by a wonderful set of foster parents Dinae and Robert Crum whom taught me nothing but to love unconditionally and always forgive.BUTTTTTTT that does not mean I will forget...that does not mean I will allow the pain to continue to my beautiful and sweet and innocent baby brother and sister.It hurts me so deeply that these people have torn our whole family apart.I ask myself everyday and just want to ask my parents one question.....HOW CAN YOU CARRY AND FEEL A CHILD GROWING FOR 9 MONTHS GIVE THEM LIFE AND WATCH THEIR BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SOULS AND BODYS GROW AND BEAT THEM EVERYDAY??? HOW CAN YOU HURT SCAR AND TORTURE YOUR CHILDREN????? THEY ARE SO PRECIOUSE AND OUR FUTURE!!!! I THANK YOU FOR LIFE BUT I ALSO THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO GROW UP IN FOSTER CARE WITHOUT LEARNING YOUR VALUES!!!!I honestly love my parents I do...but I cannot except or trust them because of the things they have done.I want to thank the DA's office for their help..I want to thank the police and I want to personally thank CYS for always trying to do everything they LEGALLY could.....noone is guilty of anything except the abusers!!!! Mrs.HollyAnne Duell

Anonymous said...

Again OLdest Daughter whom has the children...to those of you saying I HATE my parents I never told them I hated them never would they always told me they hated me I Was evil for telling CYS I was abused at 5 years old!!!! Do I hold a grudge NOOOO I never would as for what is going on its been an ONGOING investigation for the last 3 yeasr!!!! How do you put such horrific crimes in a childs head when the abuse has been ongoing for 31 ..yes 31 years!!!! Come on people I love my parents but wake up I am not out for them to die in jail....I wish they could just get mental help!!!! I could be on here allday and let people bash me or whatever but my kids are more important then the whole back and forth..and I will protect them at all costs even if it means my own life someday!!!