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Monday, July 25, 2011

Post Editorial Weighs In On Marcellus Commission Report

Dry well: Marcellus shale report comes up short

Gov. Tom Corbett's Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission, charged with creating a blueprint for statewide policies related to deep-well natural gas drilling, instead has produced a treatise on the development of the industry in Pennsylvania. More...


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? It's commissioned by Tom Corbett. He's buried deep in the pockets of the gas industry. If he's not on the gas company payroll now, he will be when he finishes this term.

Anonymous said...

“Although the commission does propose that companies pay higher bonds for each new well they drill, the fees of $10,000 each aren't high enough to cover the $60,000 cost of plugging a well in the event of a problem.”

The reporter is suggesting a 100% potential failure rate? Even if there is a 10% failure rate (which seems high to me) their should be plenty of money if every well has a fee of 10k to cover such issues. If I own drilling company ABC and drill 100 wells in two years, and 10 fail, I’ve paid 1million into the kitty and need 600k to plug the wells. So what am I missing?

“Even when the governor said he would consider an impact fee, he included the caveat that any money it generates should be sent back to the counties and municipalities where drilling takes place.”

Again so why is this an issue? I suppose the city people that don’t have to deal with the impact of the drilling want their slice for writing bias articles and complaining to the Sierra club daily. Just like they want me to pay for their infrastructure and failed welfare policies. Everyone wins and goes home with a trophy today.

We’re all going to get screwed if we let politicians, pundit’s, or the gas companies tell us what’s best.

Anonymous said...

As usual the politicians are getting fat pockets from this and expect the taxpayers to pick up the tab on expenses. These politicians should be tared and feathered for the mess they have put this country in. They are all a bunch of no goods. You sure can tell they are all lawyers and are not business people because of the way they have bankrupt us. They all need to be run off and there benefits taken away. Let them live like the small working person.