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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Man Jailed For Striking 4 Year Old Child

State Police arrested a man Friday after they were notified by Potter County Children & Youth Services that a known 4 year old juvenile had visible injuries to his leg and buttocks, caused by being struck by the man at a private residence at 6 Ash Lane in Roulette Township on November 11, 2012.

Michael Lynn Roberts, 43, of Roulette, PA, was taken into custody by Trooper David A. Surra on Friday and arraigned before on-call District Judge Annette Easton at 10:15 PM on the following charges:

Roberts was unable to post $5,000. straight bail and was remanded to the Potter County Jail to await a Preliminary Hearing before  District Judge Kari A. Stubbs tentatively scheduled for November 21, 2012.

Trooper Surra said the investigation is ongoing by PSP and Potter County Children & Youth Services.


Anonymous said...

let him set in there

Anonymous said...

Disgusting! Hope that made he feel like a real big man. JERK!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just spanked the kid. You dont know.

Anonymous said...

Was the child doing something wrong??? I used to get my behinder spanked when I did something wrong and I grew up to be a good person. Sometimes you have to get their attention first. Many children now days do not behave for anyone and grow up in trouble. Children and Youth should back off. There is a difference between a spanking and a beating. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Anonymous said...

ok spanking a child is ok but leaving visible marks on a child is wrong anf this man has a temper trouble i know im around him enough to see it and if he gets away with this them kid will never want to be around him so the mother needs to grow up and put her kids (all 5 of them before any man )

Anonymous said...

The child was 4 years old. I don't care if you believe in spanking a child or not. A grown man should never leave bruises on an innocent little 4 year old. They are still babies. A parent can impact a child more with giving them more loving attention and if they do wrong then talk to them and let them understand what they did and why it was wrong. NOT beat it out of them. People like this man only take their own anger and problems out on their kids.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say bruises? Visible injuries can be red marks from spanking. If I had a dollar for every ass beating I took growing up, Id be in the bahamas right now. And im just fine. Excessive is one thing but you never know. Probably another psycho woman didnt get her own way so she called the cops on the guy for spanking a kid. Happens every day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, lets do the Hucklebuck! I'll lead, and I'm sure you won't like it, big guy!

Anonymous said...

dont let him out get read of the key that is a good place for him