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Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Due to the account being hacked in less than 2 weeks, and now locked as a result of it, the Roulette Township Facebook page is being decommissioned. Once I figure out how to add it as a page to my personal account or something that will be less likely to be attacked, I will try to get one back up again.

On a different note, we have decided to limit our line flushing Thursday night to a few strategic areas that we know need addressed. If there are any of our customers that are currently experiencing issues with “dirty” water, please call the office at 814-544-7549 prior to Thursday night and we will make sure we get your area too. This should help reduce the amount of time that our customers will be inconvenienced, limit the employees exposure to the cold temperatures, and the amount of water that we have to waste as a result.

Jonathan Huff, CFM
Secretary / Treasurer
Municipal EMC
Water / Wastewater Operator

Roulette Township Supervisors


Anonymous said...

Roflmao.. REally hacked... Now that's funny thanks for the smiles I needed it.

Anonymous said...

Can you list the limited areas so that we know to be prepared or will everyone still need to watch their water? Also being limited areas, will it last as long as you first stated in your first post?

Out of the area said...

Hacked? I'd look to your enemies, then political enemies first.

Jonathan Huff said...

The main line along fishing creek and along railroad ave. are for certain. The rest remains to be seen based on reports from our customers. We are hoping to only be out for a couple of hours, but it really depends. It would be best to assume that you will be affected just to be safe.
The whole Facebook thing is more of a nuisance than anything else. Certainly no national secrets were lost. LOL... Those that have friendly the page may want to unfriend it to be sure there is no links to your accounts for the bot to follow.
I really hate social media.

Anonymous said...

If you want to do a website, then do a website that everyone can access freely. Not everyone is a member on Facebook and not everyone wants to be on Facebook.

Jonathan Huff said...

If I wanted to do a website, it would have already been done. This is just another way to contact multiple people in a rapid manner when necessary. It is in addition to the already used methods of communication to enhance what already works well, not replace it. I will continue to make postings here, as well as every other media source that I have the information for either way.

Anonymous said...

Facebook sucks. Do a website.

Jonathan Huff said...

Request denied....

Here is the new Facebook Page, for those of you who would like to utilize it, otherwise, keep checking back here.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Huff isn't saying that Facebook will be the only way to receive information, just ANOTHER way.

It's also very clear that notices will continue to be posted on here...where you are reading it now so that you can complain about it.

it's humorus the time spent by people to complain about anything, in spite of the efforts put forth to help them even more.

Anonymous said...

This guy is going out of his way to do a public service, and people blast him for not doing a website.
HE'S the one doing it, if you don't like it shut up!!
If you want info but don't 'do' facebook or dislike it, screw you, that's your problem, not his.
Hey JH, if they don't start appreciating you in Roulette Township, move to Liberty, we can use a guy like you who wants to help and keep people informed. I wish you worked for us!!!!