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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pittsburgh Talking About Port Allegany Football

I'm just sayin'
Here is a matchup I would pay to see in the PIAA football semifinals: Clairton vs. Port Allegany.
Both teams play in the PIAA Class A quarterfinals this week. If they both win, they will play in the semifinals next week. We all know about Clairton and its 60-game winning streak. Port Allegany, a District 9 school, has quarterback Matt Bodamer, who set the state record this season for career passing yards.

Bodamer has thrown for 3,522 yards this season alone. That's a career for most WPIAL quarterbacks. He is 194 of 267 and is 301 yards shy of the state single-season record. Also, his 49 touchdown passes are only three short of another state record. But just a hunch that Bodamer might find things just a little tougher against Clairton's defense. But it would still be interesting to see. Bodamer threw for 262 yards last week on a snow-covered field.

Port Allegany, though, has to get by Sharpsville first in the PIAA quarterfinals tomorrow night. Clairton has to get by Berlin Brothersvalley, but that won't be a problem. Sharpsville beat Port Allegany in the PIAA playoffs a year ago.  Read more...

 Port Allegany once again finds itself in the PIAA Class A quarterfinals against the District 10 Champion Sharpsville Blue Devils (11-1) at 7 p.m. Friday at Bradford’s Parkway Field


Anonymous said...

I think I've talked to more people in this area who want Port to get beat than I've ever seen in my life! The players aren't to blame... it's the obnoxious fans and the fact that, well..... it's Port. There's been so much squandered talent and such let downs over the last few years, that even someone from Port district, like me, wants to see them get hammered, just to shut their mouths. Even reading in the paper about how the coach admits he changed the whole scheme just for his kid makes me want them to get beat. It's a good team, no doubt, but to hear the fans saying it's the best team ever, and how it's the dream team blah blah blah, you just can't help but want them to lose. They cried like girls when Curwensville whomped everyone a few years ago by huge scores, but now that Port is up, it's not running up the score, no, no, no. It's "well they're just so good they can't help but score 50 points a game." Right. Then there's the guy on here telling everyone how they must have 'rode the pine' when they played. What a joke. The guy writing it didn't even play football in school... how would you know what it's like to play football Cindy?
Anyhow, they might win tonight, but the next stop is Clairton and that will be the end. If they do win, they join only one other D9 team to ever play in the western final.
Here's to hoping, not that Port loses, but that Sharpsville wins. It won't take away from the players' accomplishments, but it will make sure that the loudmouths aren't going to be able to spout their nonsense anymore.
And for my money, BB in '79 is still the best football player to ever come out of Port... imagine how good he would have been, how many records he would have set, if his daddy had been coach?

Anonymous said...

So... you would wish a loss on the players because of a few fans and because the coach is a very talented player's father? That makes no sense. If you played for the orange and black and/or are from Port you should be supporting the kids and rooting for them. Ignore all the other BS and support those hard working kids. Enjoy it while you still can instead of finding fault with it. A run like this does not come around that often, maybe never again.

82-86 Gator

Anonymous said...

Jim when and where is the game tonight?

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Port Allegany once again finds itself in the PIAA Class A quarterfinals against the District 10 Champion Sharpsville Blue Devils (11-1) at 7 p.m. Friday at Bradford’s Parkway Field

Anonymous said...

And it's attitudes like that that leave our community in the dire situation it's in. No wonder our businesses and young people are vacating this area as quickly as they can. Who the h@!! would want to live and work with people who take such a negative attitude around with them?!?

For the record, the coach changed his system to fit the talent on hand - not just his son's talent. Let me give you an example - do you think a 5'5", 140 lb player would have been a Big 30 all-star in the old Wing T? That kid would have never gotten off the bench - if he even went out for the team after Jr High. If you know anything about athletics, it takes a gutsy man to say I'm changing my system to fit the talent, rather than making the talent fit in my system. To me, that's the mark of a GREAT coach, not some arrogant, selfish father as some of you want to make him out to be.

Quit whining anonymously on the internet, get off your lazy behind, and go root for your alma mater tonight in the freakin' STATE quarterfinals. I'm sure BB would be there if he could rooting his nephew on in a once in lifetime opportunity!!

Anonymous said...

why is everyone so negative about this great accomplishment? Don't wish bad for the kids that worked so hard to be there just because some "fans" annoyed you, that's not fair to them. I hope Port wins it all, one because I am an alum and second because to see a small school from a rural area beat up the boys from the burbs doesn't happen all that much. And for best player from PAHS, what about Jim Stayer who was on the New England Patriots roster in 1995? GO GATORS!

Anonymous said...

Friday, November 30, 2012 1:26:00 PM EST.... I`m sure if you just dig a little deeper you could drag out4 a little more hate and negativity. Remember this, holding a resentment is a lot like pissing your pants... Everyone can see it but only you can feel it ;)

Anonymous said...

@ 1:26 - let's break down some of the things you say.

you say - "I think I've talked to more people in this area who want Port to get beat than I've ever seen in my life! The players aren't to blame... it's the obnoxious fans"
response - about the fans, there probably is a bit of truth to that. Smethport had it's obnoxious fans during their run, and Coudy did too. Guess it's just Port's turn. So next time your town has a decent team (in any sport) take a good look at yourself. Until then, try to keep the thoughts about the kids, and the hard work they have put in to get where they are.

you say - "Even reading in the paper about how the coach admits he changed the whole scheme just for his kid"
response - BS!!!! you are making crap up. Sure, the scheme has changed in the last few years, and i'm sure the coach admits to THAT. But that is due to what the talent makeup is of the team. Any "good" coach would have done the same. It's called making the most of what you have. To insinuate that it was done for just one player smacks of jealousy and pettiness on your part.

you say - "The guy writing it didn't even play football in school... how would you know what it's like to play football Cindy?"
response - that may be true for the guy you are referring to, but i did play. Even had a few awards throughout my playing years. So maybe i know a little about the game.

you say - "the next stop is Clairton and that will be the end"
response - maybe .. maybe not. This team from Port has the talent to beat anybody in Class A. But even if it ends tonight (read next below)

you say - "It won't take away from the players' accomplishments"
response - that might be the only intelligent part of your entire diatribe

you say - "And for my money, BB in '79 is still the best football player to ever come out of Port"
response - You certainly are entitled to your opinion. But I think there have been many "very good" players that have come through Port (and other HS's in the area as well). This year's team certainly has players (note the "s" at the end of player)that deserve to be included in talk about "the best to ever play at Port". And as a team, this year's team deserves to be included with the best as well.

The last sentence in your post does not deserve a response ... but it is a testament to your pettiness and immaturity. But the good news for you is, it will cycle back around. It's high school, and you can't recruit (well except for the Clariton's and charter schools of the state) Your team will be on the rise again at some point and hopefully you will support them with a little more class and dignity that what you displayed here.

Gator fan said...

For you unintelligent,rude,obnoxious people... grow up! If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all. You want some cheese with that whine? I hope the Gators win it all just to shut you morons up. BTW, BB was a good player but certainly not the best to come out of Port high.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of my brother, Mike. Proud of my nephew, Matt. Proud of these kids from Port who have played so hard. Proud of the people from my town, Port Allegany, and the support they've given this team. You spew words like "obnoxious" and "get hammered" and "shut their mouths" and "cried like girls" and "daddy" all the while hiding behind your anonymous tag and grouping yourself with "people in this area" like you are some great leader of men. Coming from Patrick Bodamer, I believe your words say more about the kind of person you are and not the 2012 Gator Football team.

Anonymous said...

Just wnat all you Gator fans to know. Clairton only has 500 kids from K tru 12 and only 35 kids on the football team. Their last graduating class only had 50 kids. So, so much for your big schools and tons of players. It will be a good game. See you on Friday!!!

Coach P. said...

Port Allegany should be very proud of their accomplishments, the town as well. To clarify, Clairton is a public school that does not recruit! I am a HS Fball coach in the WPIAL, not at Clairton. It is an impoverished, ghostly former steel town. I wish the best for the kids from Port,however if Clairton chose to they could easily score 100 points, I am not being sarcastic. Their coach will pull the starters early in the 3rd qtr. When they will be up by probably 60 points. I hope Port does not try to keep passing, because that will slow the game and allow Clairton to score at will and often. Port's QB is very good, but he will not throw for 75yds, w no TD,s! If they choose to throw alot he will have 5 Ints. at least. Clairtons entire secondary already have multiple big time D1 offers. They have so much speed everywhere and combine it with absurdly physical football. They honestly could win a State title in any PIAA Class, yes including AAA & AAAA! I am not from Clairton, actually I coached their biggest Confrence rival for 5yrs. I hope Port hangs tough and plays to not get embarassed, without any players being seriously hurt. Congrats on a great season Port!

Anonymous said...

To whomever made the remarks about the Port Team, first schemes change with the talent available, when i played we had two great running backs, so we were run heavy, the game now days, is so much faster and more open so a pro formation is the way to go, plus teams have switched defensive schemes to a proform in the past few years as well, so therefore they stack the box with 6 or 7 which makes you switch your offensive formations to give your athletes time in space! whomever the coach is doesnt have any affect of the players ability, my dad and i were the first ones to coach the now seniors including matt bodamer, nick budd, tyce miller, alex gular and so on! i told them 5 years ago if they stuck together that would be something very very special. AND HERE THEY ARE! A TEAM NOT ONE PERSON! anyone in that town who isnt supporting that team, is jealous and only misguided by their own shortcomings, matt is the best port allegany football player to have played for the school, the statistics dont lie, and neither does the teams record, along with the records broken by tyce and others, big offense and stingy defense comes from the 5 boys upfront, all week in practice they work and work and work, that team is a family and they deserve the support of the entire community! its always humorous that the people who complain would rather remain anonymous! my name is matt rankin, and im port allegany proud!! see you in two weeks boys!

Anonymous said...

The greatest aspect of social media is ones ability to express ones opinion. The worst aspect of social media is ones ability to express ones opinion.

Gary Brookens said...

To the "anonymous" person who made all the rude remarks about Port Allegany, their fans, and the coaches, etc. I wish you were man or woman enough to use your name instead of cowardly hiding behind "anonymous".

It's easy to make rude remarks such as yours and it's easy to hate a great team when yours apparently isn't so great. I didn't like Smethport back in the day when our rivalry with them was something everyone talked about. But I did root for them when they made the state playoffs. I still wish they would have won it all just once, as they represented our entire area.

It would be nice if people like you with apparent inferiority issues would just let us enjoy this! If you are from Coudy or Smethport, you had your turn, and now it's the Gators turn. Say what you want, but we are loving this Gator team, and it's too bad for you that you have to be such a child about it. By the way, my name is Gary Brookens, and I approve this message!!!