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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting is brisk in Coudersport.

Voting is brisk in Coudersport
At 11 a.m. more than 122 voters had turned out at Ward 1 at the Gunzburger Building and 223 had already voted in Ward 2 at the Coudersport Public Library.

Several national reporters wondered if this would be a year of apathy when voters would decide not to bother but this isn't the case in Coudersport.

So if you haven't voted yet- please make the effort, There are thousands of soldiers who gave up their lives for this right.


Anonymous said...

By the sound of things we won't know the winner until tommorow sometime.With all the to close to call states,voter intimadation,voting machines not working and hundreds of lawyers involved from both sides.This could wind up being a huge mess.I hope not as we are looked upon as a role model for all other wanna be free countries whom have elections.Obama your mama 2012!

michelle fiebig said...

Yes, our soldiers did fight and die for the right to vote and all the freedoms that went with it,but remember womens also fought and died for the right to vote here at home and took the chance of being beatin by their husbands because of it.Thanks to all the suffragettes who worked to give women a right they should have had in the first place.

michelle said...

This must be a Republican site. That's really nice. See the voters guide is totally unfair,why is that? That is really creepy that you would do that. Don't think the soldiers that died and fought for our two party system would like that. I'm sure many who gave their lives were Democrats but, guess that means nothing here.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Dear Michelle,
That is a completely unfair comment. If you were a regular reader, you would know that we balance our political reporting with information from Democrats in other parts of the state. Democrats in this area are practically non-existent as we receive nearly 0 news releases from Democrats. The Republican ads you see on the top of the page are PAID ads placed by the Republican Parties in McKean and Potter Counties. We accept advertising from all parties and candidates. The Dems did not buy any. I am sorry to see that as I intend to vote for some Democratic candidates when I go to the polls. However, we are not a Republican site or a Democratic site. Just so you know. We have not endorsed any candidates in this election.

Anonymous said...

Fair and balanced, Jim. Keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you spot a feminist? You don't have to, they will tell you.

Michelle said...

I am a regular reader, I check the site everyday.Sorry to see there are not more Democrats, but, we tend to be more laidback and keep our thoughts to ourselves, that is until it's time to vote! I do enjoy your site tho.Lots of news you don't always hear about and since I am from Wellsboro this is where I check the news from there. Thanks

Michelle Fiebig said...

I am not a feminist,just fair minded and will always sign my name to anything I write.

Anonymous said...

Get ride of ALL parties. Have a American Idol type campaign with the top vote being Prez and runner up being VP.