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Monday, December 17, 2012



Last weekend, Cutting Edge Gymnastics of Coudersport traveled to Kittaning, PA for the USAG Oz Classic Invitational. Twenty-six gymnasts from Levels 3-5 represented Cutting Edge Gymnastics. Cutting Edge swept the floor as they brought home three 1st place team awards for Levels 3, 4, and 5. The team also brought home over 130 individual awards. Level 4’s Jordan Brewer and Joplin Osgood qualified last weekend  for the State competition that will be held in March at Aerials Gymnastics in Phoenixville. Gymnasts in level 4 must receive an all-around score of 34.0 or higher to qualify for the state competition.

Gymnasts placing in the top 3 in the All Around division: Level 3: Selin Sumer-35.60-1st, Kayla Yohe-33.40-3rd, Lauryn Potter-34.35-2nd, Emma Saulter-34.80-1st, Taylor Brewer-34.00-3rd, Mikayla Gunn-34.45-2nd, Madison Preston-35.30-1st, Level 4: Madeline Smith-33.60-2nd, Keelin Morales-31.90-3rd , Jordan Brewer-35.15-1st, Torrie Foy-33.90-3rd, Joplin Osgood-34.55-2nd, Level 5: Brianna Foy-33.85-1st, Madison Miller-31.85-2nd, Emily Laurore-30.125-3rd.

Winning 1st in individual events were: Vault: Maya Kephart-9.45, Hailley Edgreen-9.10, Kaylee Boyd-9.70, Joplin Osgood-9.55, Brianna Foy-9.05, Bars: Selin Sumer-9.40, Emma Saulter-9.0, Madison Preston-8.60, Keelin Morales-8.0, Jordan Brewer-8.90, Brianna Foy-7.35, Beam: Kayla Yohe-8.90, Mikayla Gunn-8.90, Jordan Brewer-9.0, Brianna Foy-8.25, Floor: Laci Miller-8.40, Lauryn Potter-9.10, Madison Preston-8.90, madeline Smith-8.80, Torrie Foy-9.0, Brianna Foy-9.20.
Cutting Edge Gymnastics added 16 gymnasts to their 9.0 Club for the Oz Classic: Maya Kephart-9.45 vault, Emily Baumgarner-9.0-vault, Selin Sumer-9.40-bars, 9.0-beam, Kayla Yohe-9.0-floor, Lauryn Potter-9.10-floor, Hailley Edgreen-9.10-vault, Arianna Waterman-9.10-vault, Kaylee Boyd 9.70-vault, Madison Preston-9.0-vault, Madeline Smith-9.0-vault, Keelin Morales-9.30-vault, Jordan Brewer-9.0-beam, Torrie Foy-9.40-vault, 9.0-floor, Joplin Osgood-9.55-vault, Brianna Foy-9.05-vault, 9.20-floor.

Five gymnasts were added to the 34.00 all around club: Lauryn Potter-34.35, Emma Saulter-34.80, Taylor Brewer-34.0, Mikayla Gunn-34.45, and Joplin Osgood-34.55, while 3 gymnasts were added to the 35.00 all around club: Selin Sumer-35.60, Madison Preston-35.30, and Jordan Brewer-35.15.
Cutting Edge will continue to train and prepare for their next competition in Erie, PA January 11-13th at the Stars and Stripes Invitational. If you would like more information on our program or to get involved, please visit

LEVEL 3 AND 4 TEAM-1st Place (L to R):
FRONT ROW: Thea Petruzzi, Emily Baumgarner, Maya Kephart, Emma Saulter, Kayla Yohe, Laci Miller, Cori Stuckey, Hailley Edgreen, Autumn Gagliardo
MIDDLE ROW: Madeline Smith, Sierra Nichols, Arianna Waterman, Kaylee Boyd, Lauryn Potter, Selin Sumer
BACK ROW: Keelin Morales, Taylor Brewer, Mikayla Gunn, Jordan Brewer, Joplin Osgood, Madison Preston, Torrie Foy, Hannah Elenchin

Full Meet Results:
Laci Miller: vault-8.80-6th, bars-4.40-7th, beam-8.10-6th, floor-8.40-1st, AA-29.70-5th
Maya Kephart: vault-9.45-1st, bars-3.4-9th, beam-7.30-8th, floor-7.90-6th, AA-28.05-8th
Emily Baumgarner: vault-9.0-3rd, bars-4.50-6th, beam-6.7-9th, floor-7.50-8th, AA-27.70-9th
Selin Sumer: vault-8.90-4th, bars-9.40-1st, beam-9,0-2nd, floor-8.30-2nd, AA-35.60-1st
Thea Petruzzi: vault-8.60-3rd, bars-3.5-5th, beam-6.30-5th, floor-6.30-5th, AA-24.70-5th
Kayla Yohe: vault-7.50-5th, bars-8.0-2nd, beam-8.90-1st, floor-9.0-2nd, AA-33.40-3rd
Lauryn Potter: vault-8.65-2nd, bars-7.90-3rd, beam-8.70-3rd, floor-9.10-1st, AA-34.35-2nd
Hailley Edgreen: vault-9.10-1st, bars-6.90-4th, beam-7.85-4th, floor-8.90-4th, AA-32.75-4th
Emma Saulter: vault-8.50-4th, bars-9.0-1st, beam-8.70-2nd, floor-8.60-3rd, AA-34.80-1st
Arianna Waterman: vault-9.10-2nd, bars-8.0-5th, beam-8.10-5th, floor-8.20-5th, AA-33.40-4th
Cori Stuckey: vault-8.90-4th, bars-4.10-6th, beam-7.60-7th, floor-7.85-7th, AA-28.45-7th
Taylor Brewer: vault-8.80-5th, bars-8.40-2nd, beam-8.50-4th, floor-8.30-4th, AA-34.00-3rd
Mikayla Gunn: vault-8.65-6th, bars-8.10-3rd, beam-8.90-1st, floor-8.80-2nd, AA-34.45-2nd
Kaylee Boyd: vault-9.70-1st, bars-3.5-7th, beam-8.80-3rd, floor-8.60-3rd, AA-30.60-6th
Sierra Nichols: vault-8.60-7th, bars-8.10-4th, beam-7.80-6th, floor-8.0-6th, AA-32.50-5th

Madison Preston: vault-9.0-3rd, bars-8.60-1st, beam-8.80-2nd, floor-8.90-1st, AA-35.30-1st
LEVEL 5 TEAM-1st Place (L to R):

Brianna Foy, Emily Laurore, Madison Miller

8.75-2nd, AA-31.25-4th
Keelin Morales: vault-9.30-2nd, bars-8.0-1st, beam-6.40-5th, floor-8.20-6th, AA-31.90-3rd
Jordan Brewer: vault-8.90-3rd, bars-8.90-1st, 9.0-1st, floor-8.35-3rd, AA-35.15-1st
Torrie Foy: vault-9.40-2nd, bars-7.60-3rd, beam-7.90-3rd, floor-9.0-1st, AA-33.90-3rd
Joplin Osgood: vault-9.55-1st, bars-7.80-2nd, beam-8.50-2nd, floor-8.70-2nd, AA-34.55-2nd
Brianna Foy: vault-9.05-1st, bars-7.35-1st, beam-8.25-1st, floor-9.20-1st, AA-33.85-1st
Emily Laurore: vault-8.35-2nd, AA-30.125-3rd
Madison Miller: bars-7.0-2nd, beam-7.75-2nd, floor-8.90-2nd, AA-31.85-2nd


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Well done girls ! And such a pretty group too. Keep it up !