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Monday, December 3, 2012



Lets us put Christian Religious freedom back into America . We are not allowed to display the birth of Christ on public property, it offends others. 

Well the Obama care Law offends most religious beliefs. Will it be allowed to be displayed using public monies on public property as the hall of Congress, billboards, schools, hospitals and the air ways.? It violates the beliefs of the Bible in more ways than one. I.E. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve..Our Creator gave us woman as a companion to love, honor, trust, cherish and obey.

 Thou shall not kill as they do in murdering our babies before they are born using public monies. As God states in the Bible,,I knew you before you was in your mothers womb. I neither condone nor approve of my tax dollars being used in this way. My freedom of speech denied Our privacy between our doctors and patient is removed. Our monetary records are turned over for government control. A family unit as one man, one women with children. 

Our creator gave us thru the law of the land in America the rights to defend ourselves protecting our second amendments even in the event of war. We were given the right of our choice of religion not to be infringed upon by the government as Obamacare. Our Supreme Court along with our Administration thru their actions, are trying to take away our freedoms thru the passing of HR 3200.. So I ask when can Christians follow their religion as others do and show our faith as the birth of Christ using public property and monies?

As ever I hope all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Pray for a new beginning, as it may be your last to enjoy in this life time.

ELDRED,PA. 16731


Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is for Jim to stop printing op-ed pieces written by this moron. Also, please make a crazy file for Jim to put these letters in so that he has a place to put them and isn't tempted to post them on his otherwise great website.
Thank you,
All of us.

Anonymous said...

wtg DANIEL, i AGREE WITH YOU 100%...

Anonymous said...

Leave your religious beliefs out of the government. Hardcore radicals go "by the book" which is a nice fictional story. Quite frankly I find this to be extremely offensive if you know in some cases Adam leaves Eve to fall in love with Steve and I'm okay with that. Clearly a man wrote this because he doesnt care about the choices that women make, i will support birth control and abortion because its my choice to my body. Im not going to let some old frumpy man tell me whats best for myself. Giving women the choice to keep their child is their choice, and the freedom to choose is what makes this nation so great. "god stated" in the bible years ago and if you havent noticed times have changed just a little, unless your still wearing fictional thorns on your head......happy holidaze

Diana Hoffman said...

What is the point of thus letter, I thought this was a community information blog not a holy roller rant site...i must of been mistaken

DxrkOne said...

Insert bashing of homosexuals, women's rights, and religious freedom here.

Did we just step back 50 years into the past? If I remember correctly from my childhood church going, the bible teaches to love one another unconditionally, yet this babble spreads the exact opposite.

Sometimes these religious nuts really make no sense. Taking things from the bible and twisting them for their own purpose. I wonder how Mr. Causer would react if he were on the other end of the spectrum. If he were one of the many types of people bashed by this religious/political garbage. Honestly, I would be ashamed to post my name on something like this. Garbage like this is why I stopped going to church. Being persecuted for personal beliefs, while being told to treat one as you would like to be treated. Nothing but hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

10:55 you are a moron urself think what has become we have no cash, no hope, and by the looks of it no future. Thanks a lot obama. One Big A$$ Mistake America. (Obama)
Our kids future

jacker said...

Daniel J. Causer is a grumpy old man. He dislikes the war on Christmas. Since Christians are the most oppressed religious group in America, I can see why he's upset. They can't even put up a tiny little Jesus and some plastic lambs in front of the post office without someone crying about how they want Jesus to at least be black and celebrate Kwanze.

This website has been great for the Northern Tier. The content is generally informative and not slanted to one side of an issue or another. I like that. The Potter Leader Enterprise started printing every nut-job crazy talk about Muslins and Socialists that came into their mailbox. I stopped reading it. They lost my business. Nobody with good sense should give this kind of idiocy a public forum. Advice::: stop printing drivel from Chief Warrant Officer (RET) Daniel J. Causer. He's got a screw loose. He's like an offensive Abe Simpson. He's probably writing another letter to the editor about going back on the gold standard, reintroducing buffalo nickels, or the merits of spanking children, something so antiquated and counter-logical that it makes you slap your head.

Yeah, Daniel J. Causer, it's dreadful, people believe something you don't. I'm not a Christian, but zero shits are given when I see a nativity scene. Still, I can see why people (like Jews, Muslims, Hindus, those people that worship Van Halen) dislike it when it's at a court house or a post office.

Sorry your tax money goes to birth control. Obviously, all women using birth control are harlots and sure to be damned to hell, which I'm assuming is a real place and probably on the moon.

Hey site editor. Stop posting crotchety old man rants.

Anonymous said...

Just the Christian religions? My apologies if I misunderstood this or my religious education is off a bit. Why not include all religions in this? Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism and hundreds of other religions are all widely practiced in this country. So why shouldn't they be able to have their religious views included in the laws? I do agree with some of the parts of "Obamacare" like how I can now afford to purchase my own health insurance with a pre-existing condition because I work two part time jobs ( over 50 hrs a week) that don't offer health insurance at an affordable rate. As far as gay marrige goes last I knew there was something called the seperation of church and state. Doesn't the Bible tell you not to condemn others but to lead them into a path of righteousness? Who are you to judge in this? Last I knew God didn't live in Eldred. This is the end of my liberal rant Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I agree would Daniel as well !! Love the sinner but not the sin.

Anonymous said...

10:55 LOL LOL one can only wish

Anonymous said...

Maybe people are fed up with you crazy retards trying to force your bullshit religion on everybody else. How would you feel if the muslims wanted to put a display down in the courthouse lawn? This is why its not allowed. You think because you believe it everyone else should too. You already have too much with your cult pushing this crap everywhere I look. The "freedom of religion" protects all religions no matter what it may be. Its your right to worship who and what you want. Not just christianity. So if you are willing to accept a big buddha or some other "god" being placed in the same public lawn as you would like yours then I am all for it. But like I said this will never happen. You talk about "them killing our babies". Why then does your "god" that you worship, allow poor innocent babies to still born? Or born with mental illness? Why does your god allow innocent children to suffer with cancer for years until they pass away? Oh. "God works in mysterious ways". Yeah he sure does. Apparently your god like seeing women raped, children beaten, lives ruined and so on. Just keep putting that money you cant afford in the offering plate. Because there are really streets of gold up in the sky and all....Hahahaha my ass.

Anonymous said...

My religious beliefs do not approve of my tax dollars being used to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people in war. Do you have a way that I can not pay taxes because it offends my beliefs?

What if your employer was a Christian Scientist who did not want an insurance company to cover blood transfusions? And you needed a transfusion due to an accident or after a surgery?

Abortions, by the way, are exempted from the law. Birth control is not. However, if you would like to see fewer abortions, perhaps you should think about how many there would be if women did not have access to birth control?

And if you research other countries with socialized medicine, you'll see that they have a MUCH lower rate of abortions because people have access to good healthcare and employer perks such as long term maternity leave.

It is not your tax dollars that will fund this. It is a requirement for what insurance companies must cover for their MILLIONS of enrolled members.

Why is it that abortion and homosexuality are the only sins that you wish the gov't to address?

We cannot legislate morality. It is the job of faithful people to help win the hearts of others to God. NOT the gov't. Convince the PEOPLE, not the gov't or the corporations.

Anonymous said...

Who is all of us? The crazy file is for garbage like your Dear Santa letter. 100% AGREE WITH DANIEL

Anonymous said...

10.55 obama minion dan for once a totaly agree with you

Anonymous said...

Christian Religious Freedom? Really? What about the separation of church and state; the freedom of and from ALL religions? Nobody cares how Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or even Atheists feel about how we're constantly having the Christian Way shoved down our throats. Remember, at some point, Christianity will be in the minority (look at the trends--congregations are shrinking as young people leave the flock). The oppressed now will become the agressors of the future. If you allow freedom of all religions, there is no reason for rebellion, oppression or persecution when the members of another religion become the majority.

Anonymous said...

It is called freedom of the press! Suck it up.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts poster # 1! This is what happens when morons run the country! It's only going to get worse God help us all!

Anonymous said...

dan...well said and sorry i dont believe in santa and the letters to him but nice try anonymous...i do believe dan you have spoken the truth and i do believe that soon and very soon people will see the troubles me that so many are so afraid to commit but with this comes accountability and this seems to be the problem...i do feel God does hear our prayers and will answer them for us if we believe in his son Jesus Christ but theres no snow ball chance at all that santa will hear or answer anything...this letter to santa fell on deaf ears my friend but im sure one day you will be reminded of this occasion that you had the chance to openly bash a man of God...judgment day...God sends his people to open forums for a in the days of the old testament prophets were sent to now allows the same for all to see...John 8:32..

Anonymous said...

"as it may be your last to enjoy in this life time."

Fear mongering is just another tool of the ignorant.

Anonymous said...


If you truly consider this author a 'moron' perhaps it explains why you're writing to santa on here.

I agree completely with it, and while I understand the intent of separation of church and state, I dont understand why those of faith are pounded to have 'tolerance' of others who don't, yet tolerance of Christians by others isnt required at all, and in fact, produces statements where we're referred to as 'morons' by people like yourself. Is it me, or is this tolerance thing a one-way street? And half the time its by people who have done nothing to contribute to the right of every person in this country to even have an opinion. I'm a military veteran and a Christian. Since when did I become a 'moron' who's not entitled to have an opinion because they're based on my religious beliefs?

Anonymous said...

10:55.....It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Just as you were allowed to comment of this post, Mr. Causer should be able to post his thoughts and beleifs. Maybe Jim shouldn't have printed YOUR ridiculous comment! You are the MORON!

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
Please forgive the anonymous person above who called Mr. Causer a moron...he knows not what he says. Carry on Mr. Causer and God Bless You and may our country always be One Nation Under God!

Anonymous said...

Really? You know that you fought to make sure no public monies are spent on abortions. What is the reason for this blatant lie?

Anonymous said...

It's like someone punctured an aerosol can filled with compressed nuts-o.

Allen said...

Anonymous to Santa, you just proved his point and your ignorance. If you believe so much in what you say, why don't you have the courage that Daniel does in printing your name???
If you have never read the Bible, I encourage you to do so!

Anonymous said...

The election is over! Tired of hearing these rants!

Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion means you have the freedom to be any religion. This is the reason Christian symbols are kept off public buildings, because the government avoids endorsing any specific religion over the other instead leaving religion as a personal choice.

It isn't that difficult of a concept to grasp.

Obamacare is a health care plan how does it infringe on your religion?

You should also know that Romney supported Brady Bill (anti handgun bill) and various other gun laws that infringed the 2nd amendment before he ran for president.

He also supported a state level health care plan similar to Obamacare in Massachusetts. It seems like his main objection with Obamacare is that it was a federal rather than state program but it is still government health care at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

First, I'm not a lib or a con, but you right wingers are the worst. You don't want the government to tell you what to do, but you want the church to tell others what to do. You're pro-life, but pro death penalty. You don't want contraceptives, but no abortions either. You want unfit parents to have children they can't afford, yet want to cut social funds that would help these people. Then you want to punish people who knew they couldn't raise a baby for not raising their baby. You are a confused scary group.

Anonymous said...

they tirk are jerbs!

Anonymous said...

Daniel seems to always bring out the God haters.
They blow their futile horn.
Just be truthful
Admit you want the right: to kill your baby, to forcibly pick my wallet to pay for everything you think is necessary to make your life easier, to believe it’s moral and proud for a man to insert his penis in another man’s rectum, to believe you are your own supreme being & can rationalize what is best for you, to feign outrage over reading a voluntary blog as if someone forces you too.
Leave me alone & I’ll leave you alone.
Stay out of my wallet & I’ll stay out of yours.

My Last Post? said...

After 12/21/2012 NO ONE will have to worry.

PS: To my friends and family, I got you no presents as I find the need not to given the end of the world is just around the corner.

My Last Post? said...

After 12/21/2012 NO ONE will have to worry.

PS: To my friends and family, I got you no presents as I find the need not to given the end of the world is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

11:08, you think that because I don't agree with you that my hand is in your pocket when really I probably pay more than double what you do in taxes.

If anyone is feigning outrage it is the guy who wrote the letter that started off "Lets us put Christian Religious freedom back into America."

When exactly did we lose the freedom to be christian? And gays are prohibited in the old testament but so is nearly everything else. If we are going to enforce the laws of the old testament why do we get to cherry pick which ones? There are trivial things punishable by death in the OT.

Anonymous said...

@11:19 There have been hundreds of end of world prophecies before now and all of them have been just as wrong. After we are all still here doing the same crap on 1/1/2013 you idiots will just move the date again and go back to fear mongering as always.

If you don't agree with me I'll be happy to buy your property before the end of the year for pennies on the dollar and let you stay there rent free till January 2013.

Carol said...

For Heaven sake I wish life could go on without constant talk about Obama & the election, & beliefs, etc.etc.etc. HE WON, GET THE HELL OVER IT !!!!! Poor Losers!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there is this thing called "Freedom of Speech"

Which is the political right to communicate one's opinions and ideas.

And there is also "Freedom of the Press or Freedom of the Media"

Which is the freedom of communication and expression through mediums including various electronic media and published materials. While such freedom mostly implies the absence of interference from an overreaching state, its preservation may be sought through constitutional or other legal protections.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

― George Washington

Anonymous said...

Nice that during the season of Christmas a person so filled with hate and bile gets the opportunity to show how really confused and ignorant he is, guess he missed the lesson in Sunday School about the all-loving God. My pity goes out to this individual who is so judgemental and short sighted..he must lead a miserable life...
And the comment from someone else about the Christian Science employer...another ignorant voice heard from...if you don't know about that religion, then best not to comment about it because you are incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Romney isn't a Christian, he is Mormon which like Islam sees its founder (Muhammad for Islam, and Joseph Smith for Mormonism) as being a true prophet of God.

Obama at least claims to be Christian so if that alone is deciding your choice you would have to pick Obummer.

Anonymous said...

Since when is taking care of the sick against the Christian religion? And taxpayers aren't paying for the birth control pills. It is now going to be part of your insurance coverage. You know the insurance you pay for out of your own pocked=t every month for health care so you get prescriptions like blood pressure, cholesterol, and your VIAGRA. I don't see why birth control shouldn't be covered as well. Maybe women should refuse to stop having sex with stupid men until birth control prescription coverage is no longer controversial. I bet after about two weeks every man on the planet would be happy to endorse the coverage then!!!

Jenn said...

People wake up!! This is America!! Freedom of speech. The man who takes care of Solomon's word has a right to post what he wants. If he likes Mr. Causers words and wants to put them on his site then GO FOR IT!! The trouble is if you don't like what he posts then get the hell off his site. Problem solved. I for one like the religion and the news thanks for both.

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing called separation of church and state in the law. So no, your religion has no place in it. You started with an argument on religion, then switched to a federal policy. These two things are not one in the same. ObamaCare is not a religion. Your argument is invalid.
Also, gay marriage is something that SHOULD be protected under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, which states "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the US; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."
Birth control not only controls population increase substantially, but it is also extremely healthy for a woman and her body. Do your research before you bash it.
Your "creator" gave you nothing when it comes to the law, our founding fathers did.
Also, please find an editor to read through your rants. It's extremely hard to read when there are grammar and spelling mistakes all over your post.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Bethany: Oh dear, did I break wind?
Uncle Lewis: Jesus Bethany, did the room clear out?!?

Hopefully someone can get a laugh out of the above excerpt from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Honestly, why all the hate? Some people need to go back and read the Constitution. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion. That's about all you need to realize that this thread/argument is pointless and nobody will ever win. I guess I should just be glad to just be happy for what I have, and yes, I work for it. 60 hours a week between a full time and part time job. Not because I need to work two jobs, but because I'm doing what I can do to better MY situation and to ensure that my family has the best that I can offer them. I'll never be monetarily rich, but I'm as rich as anyone with love for my wife, my children, my family, relatives, and friends. There is no sense complaining about what you cannot control. Worry about what you can control.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Ramadan, Happy Holidays, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy.

But you're a nut job, so stuff it maybe.

Rev. Jason E. Bartlett said...

Mr. Causer is right! My freedom to express my religion is being trampled! My 6'2" blond-n-blue Gawd requires that I poop on the courthouse steps every time someone is charged with DUI. You see, my Good Gawd Book says that cars are the divine smiters of the unholy. Every time somebody drives drunk and kills somebody, they are doing Gawd's work. All of you nonbelievers are taking away my right to worship, and my proctologist bills have gone through the roof as a result.
Mr. Causer has it right... everybody in America should be allowed to do exactly what their Good Gawd Book tells them. That IS what he's saying, right? I mean, you can't talk about freedom and America that much without meaning EVERYBODY in our great nation... to mean just him and his beliefs, at the expense of all others, would be selfish, hypocritical, and anathema to the freedom he fought for. Right?
See you on the courthouse steps!

Oh, one other thing I agree with- if you have the rocks to publicly disagree with someone, at least have the rocks to sign your name.

Anonymous said...

we should all just be nice to each other. If your opinion is fueled by anger, check yourself.

Greg Elderkin said...

Maybe this has been pointed out, but Mr. Causer signed his name with CWO USAR (RET)..

Does anyone know what this title mean?
CWO-(I'm guessing)Chief Warrant Officer
USAR-United States Army Reserve

And here is their service objective:
The United States Army serves as the land-based branch of the U.S. military. §3062 of Title 10 US Code defines the purpose of the army as:
-preserving the peace and security and providing for the defense of the United States, the Commonwealths and possessions and any areas occupied by the United States
-supporting the national policies
-implementing the national objectives
-overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the United States.

Notwithstanding: This Vet stated his mind and gave his contact info if you, anonymous, should cry and complain about the liberties and rights you are using. Quit hiding behind anonymity and give him a call. I may not agree with all of what he said, but doesn't give anonymous people the right to slander him. And being a vet, he helped fight for anonymous' inalienable right to freedom of speech. Regardless of MY personal beliefs, we ALL need to learn to RESPECT others. Try taking the high road when someone spouts views and opinions that you CANNOT tolerate. TRY IT. Humble pie is hard to stomach let alone eating it by the truck-load. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and God Bless.

Greg Elderkin--

Anonymous said...

If you are trying to run a respectable blog, don't print garbage like this. You look like a complete moron when you do.

Solomon's words for the wise said...





Anonymous said...

Being a vet doesn't mean my opinion can't be challenged and it certainly doesn't prevent me from being wrong. Respect me as a person sure but if I am spouting nonsense you have a right and a duty to say so. Just be prepared to support your own position with something other than nonsense yourself.

Shane Snyder said...

Suddenly a wild Jim appears.
Jim uses sarcasm.
It's super effective.
Anonymous faints.

No really that did just crack me up reading that. Well played sir, well played indeed.

Rev. Jason E. Bartlett said...

haha. Despite my obvious disagreement with Mr. Causer and many of the posters here, at least we all seem to agree that freedom of speech is a good thing.

Freedom isn't respectable- its free and unlimited. That's kinda the definition. Whether we agree with it or not, an opinion, much like a rectum, is something we all have (well, except for my aunt, she just has a colostomy bag... thanks medicare).

As Peter Griffin once said, "While I may disagree with what you say, I shall defend to the death your right to say it."

Rev. Jason E. Bartlett, Duly Ordained Minister of the Chuch of the Latter Day Dude
(You probably shouldn't put your phone number or email in these posts, people... spiderbots comb the internet for that stuff, and then you get your identity stolen.)

PS - kudos to the blog admin for posting all of us and our mutual stupidity on the internet

Anonymous said...

skip ba de do da skip ba dee day my oh my i dont care what any of u say ill say merry christmas and ll put what ever i want in my yard no one else but me pays my taxes also maybe im christin maybe im not and i dont care who likes me either so there oh one more thing merry christmas

Anonymous said...

Because christians are the only dumbasses willing to turn the other cheek when they are hit. And stupid enough to love your neighbor like your brother, and dont judge, and all the other crap you believe. Its ok, its not your fault that your cult programs you all to live like this.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha god reads news blogs??? You learn something every day I guess

Anonymous said...


Greg Elderkin said...

Thank you for publishing all of our responses and opinions regardless of your beliefs/opinions. You, sir, are gifted with freedom of the press. If anonymous wants to cry about what you decide to publish, maybe the anonymous trolls should go and start their own news blog and see for themselves how easy it is.. right Jim? You make it look easy...
Please keep informing us. Most of us appreciate your donated community service.

Yours respectfully,
Greg Elderkin--

Anonymous said...

I'll be okay with putting religious displays on public property and schools when the public is okay with ALL religions being able to worship according to their faith on public property and schools.
That means Rastafarians smoking weed on the courthouse lawn.
That means pagans doing animal sacrifices in the gymnasium of our local school.
That means Native Americans can eat peyote or mescaline on the White House lawn.
That means, yes, allowing the Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of anyone they want, and to hold up signs saying god wanted these people to die for whatever reason.
THOSE, my friends, are the reasons that there is the separation between church and state. That's what our Founding Fathers understood, and what whackos like Mr. Causer don't understand.
He and those who support his religious views think they're being true patriots by saying the things they do, but instead, they're being fascists by saying THEIR religion is the 'true' one, ordained by their god.
There's nothing more UNAMERICAN than demanding everyone believe what you believe.
Instead of patriots, they're traitors. Instead of tolerant, they're beling zealots.
There's no fool like an old fool.