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Saturday, December 8, 2012



Lions Club member Ron Angood hands a check to Charlene Smith local Coordinator for the Salvation Army.  The Lions have spent the last two Saturdays in front of Dollar General ringing the bell and collecting money for the Salvation Army. The Lions Club collected nearly $800.00 during the two days and Coordinator Smith said all the money stays in Potter County. Ron and Charlene said THANK YOU to all participating Lions and the community.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lions Club, Salvation Army, and all the people of the Coudersport area who donated! It's great to hear how generous our community is!

Anonymous said...

The Salvation Army discriminates against gays and non-religious people. Not saying 'don't give to them', but I am saying that our family donates to groups that include ALL needy people, not just people who fit our agenda. Hunger and poverty don't apply just to the religious folk.

Anonymous said...

That statement is not only false, it's absurd!

The stupid stuff that people feel they can say through the cloak of "gay rights!"

The Salvation Army givess money to all kinds of organizations who then in turn use it for all people, religous, gay, white, black, ect.

The Salvation Army has made a public statment (freedom of speach, right) that they support traditional marriage...GASP!

So, yes-if your so complelled that this is offensive and evil. Find the local muslim group that believes a gay person should be stoned to death..

geez. Know what you talking about rather than spitting out your own judgemental conclusions.

As a matter of fact...the Salvation Army is blessed with over a 2 billion dollar organization while it's commissioner maintains a yearly salary of just $13,000.00 96 percent of the donations go to help those in need!

If you believe in the word of God or not, obviously the Biblical ways of financial responsibility and helping the needy have worked.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Making a public statement is support of marriage between a man and a woman is NOT discrimination. Whoever believes this has not only lost all sense of freedom of speech but is also blindly following a notion that is in it's self, the true meaning of discrimination.

That being said: The Sal. Army donates to homeless shelters, youth camps, disaster reliefs, and elderly services just to name a few. Not only is it dumb, but it's insane to believe that they go through each and every dime to be sure that nothing gets to someone who isn't a Christian or who is gay.

Mission Statement: "To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (love thy neighbor) and to meet human needs in His name WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION.

I'm not denying or promoting gay marriage, I'm just pointing out the insane hypocrisy people use when arguing the Christian religon, out of complete ignorance!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lions Club and thank you Salvation Army for all you do! These are two fantastic organizations. The poster who is trying to incite an Anti Christian firestorm: give it a rest. God Bless the Salvation Army!

Anonymous said...

Post 1:18

As a matter of real FACTS William A. Roberts (CEO) of the Salavation Army does NOT make a $13,000 salary. He in FACT collects a healthy $126,920 a year salary. You really should not believe everything you read on Facebook. And stop "sharing" all this false information with others who believe everything they read on Facebook. You were better off just keeping your statement short and sweet. Once you started spewing "facts" it kinda ruined the whole thing for me. (you should practice what you preach).

Anonymous said...