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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rommel has been found

Rommel has been found

Male Redbone Coonhound - name: Rommel
He's about 2 & 1/2 years old.
Wearing a faded orange collar (the same one he's wearing in the pictures) with his tags (dog license & rabies tags) attached to the collar

He went missing on December 5 around Noon. on top of Mason Hill in the Sterling Run area.
He has big floppy ears and a little bit of grey on his muzzle and small (pencil top eraser size) scar on his lower lip. He has a dry patch of skin on his ear.

He is friendly and would more than likely go to someone if they called him, he is a little bit skittish. He is a house dog.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this blog site is turning into nothing but lost animal articles. Don't people keep there animals tied up?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog. Makes my heart ache for people who lose pets because I couldn't imagine if I lost my dog. :( Hope he gets home safely.

To the first commenter: Accidents happen and dogs get off their chains or shoot out the door before you have a change to grab them. Maybe you should be happy that their is a website that has helped lots of pets get home safely.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with 11:50:00 PM EST Thank you Jim for posting lost pets. You are a life saver and have helped many a pet owner find and retrieve their lost pets.

Anonymous said...

People should THINK before they SPEAK!!!! Accidents do happen with animals... THere are leash laws and MOST people realize that.. they are not just running free and getting lost!! Obviously Your not an animal person! Maybe you have children though and if one went missing or was hunting in the woods and got lost.... You would be THankful (I WOULD HOPE) that there was a site such as this to get the word out to have your CHILD or ANIMAL returned home safetly!

Anonymous said...

To poster 6:24. Do you think they should keep their dog on a chain 24-7? I myself think it is a wonderful thing that they do post these here as it has helped so many people find their pets. If anyone has a heart they love their pets as they are family members as well. I do hope these people find their dog. He is a beautiful boy.

Anonymous said...

To the first post!!! Really??? I think it is wonderful that there is a common place to go for help in the area, being lost animal, missing person, theft or found, weather, school closing etc. Way to many positives for this blog than negatives. Personally I have never posted any of the above but did have a lost dog come to our house from miles away that was posted. Very happy family when I called them...