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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Troopers Find Suspected Pot Pipe In Emporium

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A suspected marijuana pipe was discovered at a private residence located on East 2nd Street in Emporium Boro on Wednesday at 2:00 PM.

Trooper Christopher Bock said the investigation of the Act 64 violation is continuing . Society is listed as the victim.


Anonymous said...

"Obama: I’ve got ‘bigger fish to fry’ than pot smokers"


It is now outright legal in 2 states and the president himself has gone on record saying there are more important things to be concerned with and we have state troopers investigating a "suspected marijuana pipe"?

It sounds like maybe they do have the free time to camp out at our schools waiting for crazies.

Anonymous said...

Ease up on the caffeine there pal. It's just news. Every once and a while I read about the state police investigating a found bicycle. I'd hate to see your reaction to that one.

Anonymous said...

Society is listed as the victim.


oh wow. That's rich.

Justice. It's everything but. And you wonder why respect for rule of law is dissolving.

Men steal hundreds of billions and walk away. Crash our economy, destroy retirements and plunge us into recession. Not one pursued by the "Justice" Department.

Cops, Judges (and especially) DA's. Corrupt, hypocritical and politically driven authoritarians.

The whole system is broken. I'm not sure if you folks have realized this, but we no longer acknowledge your authority. This is why you have to point your gun and tazer everyone you engage and talk to.

You are on the wrong side of history. We will prevail. Justice will come back to this nation, and your police state will be a cautionary lesson to our future.


Anonymous said...

What would you say if they found a pipe in the house where the a-hole killer of those 26 ppl lived, & the autopsy proved he was higher than the Empire State building last Friday morning?!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, POLICE !

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he didn't cause he wouldn't have done what he did. The kid apperntly had some sorta mental issue which doesn't make it right what he did but I'm sure the also found video games and satanic music in his radio ooooooOooooooOooo

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have someone smoke marijuana on their own time in their own home than have someone steal my bicycle.

Anonymous said...

One time I made a suspected pot pipe out of a stolen bicycle. And society was there too

Anonymous said...

... so it's a victimless crime then? I want my taxes back for this one.

Anonymous said...

Look, this was a serious thing people! It was a POT pipe not a gun, not a bomb, not some white collar criminal stealing millions of dollars.. What is wrong with you, we're talking POT here! Society was the victim, that means ALL of us, YES ALL of us! Whats next? Just wait and see,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I guess I've had my fill.

Police didn't make this a crime. Should it be legal? Maybe. Will it be soon, probably. Will that change anything? No.

I scratch my head at the idea to legalize weed with the hopes of tax revenue. Cause honest pot dealers will be oh so willing to share the proceeds with the federal gov.?!

That being said, I'm over the anti-police hype that seems to be encouraged here.

Most crimes are considered crimes on society.

Traffic accident's; never saw society added to the news release that is written here.

Defacing public property; I've never read where the blog owner listed society as the victim.

DUI's are always on here and I've never read where society was added as the victim.

Yet, here we have a pipe found and added to the news release is the fact the society is the victim. I ponder the reason...when most comments under any news release regarding law enforcement are negative. Here we start with a hot topic, and a little dig, and the ball gets rolling. Bait to get the trolls hyped up? Maybe not, but I'm done wondering.

Let's be real, this isn't the first time things have been spiced up, added to, or twisted when it comes to Law Enforcements news releases.

Thinking I've had my fair share of the not so passive invitation on here to bash Law Enforcement, and the work they are required to do. I guess it's time to break the ties with old news.

I come from a family of Law Enforcement, and I know many Officers. I guess it's clear that in order to show them respect, I need to take a stand on the garbage that is put upon them, to include this site. Sadly.

I've posted many times in support of the work and effort taken to get the news out on here, but taking a dig at our laws and Officers, until things have been changed by those above them, is my fill. Gotta get those number of times this site is visited? Maybe not, but I'm not going to be a single one of them.

With all do respect, I'm out!

Solomon's words for the wise said...

See photo of State Police news release added above. Have a nice Christmas.