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Friday, December 7, 2012

Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania To Hold Town Hall Meeting

Business Owner Town Hall Meeting!
The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania is organizing a town hall format meeting for business owners. It is time to expose the damage that has been done to our rural business community from the over harvesting of our Whitetail deer resource. Many businesses have expressed a significant to extreme loss of revenue from hunters that no longer travel to their camps. This aspect is blamed on other factors, but is one that many business owners know is in direct relation to the decimation of our deer herd and subsequent loss of hunter interest in their area. If you are a current business owner or have closed your business and feel this circumstance was a contributing factor to that closure decision, here is the opportunity to voice your concerns and be a part of a town hall format meeting.   Click here to register

A town hall meeting is being organized by The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania in conjunction with the Coalition of Concerned Sportsmen, consisting of 150 sporting and shooting clubs representing over 200,000 sportsmen and shooters.

This meeting is to reveal to legislators, the economic damage brought upon the rural business community from the decimation of our #1 game animal, the Whitetail deer by The Pennsylvania Game Commission. Invitations will be extended but not limited to: Governor Corbett and staff, his sportsmen advisory council members, key legislators, and the media.

Your presence is critical as a current business owner, or an owner who has closed your business and identifies that closure to be significantly linked to lost hunter dollars that have disappeared with our Whitetail deer resource. Please recognize this effort for what it is; an evening for your personal business's benefit, our hunting industry, and for all the northern rural economic community. Fill out and drop in the mail the reservation form below with your information, this identifies your serious commitment to attend. These reservation forms are critical for organizational purposes so the optimal venue size and location can be determined. After we receive your confirmation a time and location will be determined, and of course you will be notified. Our intent is to fill an auditorium and conduct an interactive town hall type meeting to inform and prove to the current administration that the PGC deer program is seriously flawed and must immediately change. Pennsylvania Deer management must be restructured and balanced to benefit our hunting industry and business community, not just forestry and ideological biodiversity special interests!

Registration can also be done on the USP website instructions will be on the home page.

Randy Santucci
President of The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania
SW Regional Director


Anonymous said...

Join the NRA and make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Exactly...this group ruined all future legitimate attempts at any productive discussion with the game commission. Discredited many REAL sportsman's groups.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the first two commentors!So they're not a part of the NRA so they have no credability with the game commision!Hmmm Although they do have a valid point.I live in Austin and I've never seen a deer season with so few campers in!Feel bad for local business owners whom count on this yearly revenue.I'm sure a few will be forced to shut down directly because of this.

Anonymous said...

In our area, the deer began disappearing when all the ATVs began appearing. Post your land, hop on your ATV, and ride 2 up. Easy to kill a lot of deer that way. Fill your wife's tag too. I'm not surprised people don't visit here in the numbers like they used to. Ethics are a thing of the past. The sport is dying a slow death. Have all the meetings you want. If there's no place to roam like there used to be, hunters will go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

yeah! the noisy drillin had nothin to do with it..thats why they sold the 2 camps next to my house...

Anonymous said...

Also the population of bear, coyote, dogs and cars has increased. They are all hard on the deer population. You can not let people hunt anymore. you give permission to 1 person and they show up with a truck load of people.

Anonymous said...

How many deer can one person kill with the all the tags? The game commission is all about money! As far as the Austin area hunting and fishung season hasn't helped for 30 years or so. It's been a steady downhill decline!