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Friday, December 21, 2012

Watch President Obama Address Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Watch President Obama Address Fiscal Cliff Negotiations



Anonymous said...

nothing new to see here

just Republicans holding the nation hostage... AGAIN

Anonymous said...

No thanks

Anonymous said...

same ole

Anonymous said...

Obuma will do nothing then he gets what he has always wanted higher taxes on everyone!

Anonymous said...

Waste of time listening to any thing this person has to say. He is destroying our country one day at a time. We all know who elected him. They will be the first ones crying after the free stuff runs out.

Anonymous said...

Just keep telling yourself that 419, we like that you morons live in a fantasy world where everyone that is a Democrat lives under a rock collecting free things and feeding off the few remaining "real" Americans.

I for one have busted my ass for years to support my family. I gladly pay my taxes and in exchange I receive a society. That's the social contract.

And for those years I've watched the Republican party sell this nation to the lowest bidder (just kidding, Republicans pass out no-bid contracts to their buddies).

How stupid are you useful idiots? You stand in a time where corporate profits are at an all time high, discrepancy between CEO pay to worker pay has NEVER been higher. The stock market remains at all time highs (40% higher than what Bush left us). The middle class is all but gone (The very goal they've had in mind)


And they want your medicare, your social security. And you applaud this because that's what a useful idiot does. He votes against his own best interests.

You people are real rubes. Just keep believing the Democrats are all just black people that collect welfare and food stamps. Keep watching Faux News and comfort yourself with your echo chamber. Go ahead. All the gerrymandering in the world won't keep you from political irrelevancy.

The rest of us have our eyes open. We see (R) pledges to lobbyists held above their oaths of office.

We see them holding our economy hostage over debt ceiling debates that are NEVER even discussed when a (R) is in office (starting illegal wars they never pay for).

We watch them take drilling cash for lavish vacations and superbowl trips as they sell our state lands for nothing. Giving away our nation piece by piece to their friends, as if the nation was theirs to sell for personal profit.

Keep it up 4:19. Stay nice and dumb. Every day we get closer to 2014 and another embarrassing election for your corporate sellout "representatives".

Anonymous said...

Enough with the political party BS. It means exactly nothing to me anymore. The only party should be the 'United' party of America. With all the bickering nothing gets done!

Anonymous said...

we sure could use another party or two. neither the dems or the gop are worth the time of day. obama is very weak, and the GOP is going to send us to financial oblivion to protect 1 or 2% of taxpayers. they all disgust me.

Really??? said...

Yes, give the man a blank check, yes, let the man print more worth less money, yes, let HIM run us off the cliff...this is his baby let him claim it!!!

Anonymous said...

6.39 where are you gettin the dope that your smokin holy crap this country is in a nose dive and idiots like you make it happen keep yappin how great this morron is it only proves how stupid you realy are