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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Shale Gasfield Resident Review of PROMISED LAND

A Shale Gasfield Resident Review of PROMISED LAND
The very fact the movie PROMISED LAND is opening in Theaters across our country is a WIN for we the people, America. The last thing industry wants is for any American to see this movie and raise national consciousness one step above their multimillion dollar ad campaign pitching natural gas as cheap, clean burning, safe energy. 

It humanizes and give voices to all of us living in gas fields with flares, drill rigs, open pits, in company towns; all of us whom industry and its proponents attempt to silence and paint as necessary sacrifices, hysterical environmentalists, tree huggers, unpatriotic, ecoterrorists etc. 

The war the natural gas industry is waging is to manage public outrage over very real environmental impacts and concerns of shale extraction to drinking water, to the air that we breathe, to American public health. 

The Natural Gas Industry is multinational corporations whose bottom line is profit. They need to win PUBLIC APPROVAL. 

Anyone who sees this movie, will see themselves, their parents, their grandparents in all of the Americans living in Promised Land...whose front door the landman may knock on. In this war for the hearts and minds of the American Public, Promised Land is a win for America.

Rebecca Roter
Susquehanna CO., PA


Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Rebecca! Every American should see this movie and realized what those of us living next to wells have to deal with. Fracking for natural gas is the most damaging thing anyone could do to the earth and to the people who drink her water and breath her air.

Anonymous said...

Promised Land is fiction. It is entertainment. They make no pretense that it is anything but entertainment. Have we actually reached the point in society where they line has been erased? I am looking forward to seeing it but it would be reckless and irresponsible for me to draw any conclusions about real life based on the story that's told in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rebecca!
Unfortunately many people have been mislead by the propaganda these corporations spread with the assistance of our elected officials. Many and have signed leases without being fully informed.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like I should not try to learn about nature by watching Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Rocky & Bullwinkle? Now I get it. After watching Mr. Ed, I just assumed that horses talked.

Anonymous said...

The very activities in DC can be considered fiction.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great post. I can not wait to see promised land. The dumb dumb that says " oh it's fiction it's a movie" that doesn't mean that they will not use facts to progress the story along. Christ almighty take off your blinders for a second please. I assume you must watch Fox News and the idea of facts being used is foreign to you.