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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Armed Robbery at CNB Bank on Market St. in Johnsonburg

Elk County Office of Emergency Services/ 9-1-1
 Armed Robbery at CNB Bank on Market St. in Johnsonburg.  

UPDATE: No arrest has been made in the Armed Robbery at CNB Bank in Johnsonburg yesterday. If you have any information that may help police call (814) 772-0000.

Actor is believed to be a White Male, Unknown Age, Wearing a Gray Hoodie, Ski Mask and a Red Bandanna across his face. 

Actor had a black handgun in his possession. Actor was traveling on foot up Bridge Street towards the Avenues in Johnsonburg. 

If you see the Actor, do NOT approach and DIAL 9-1-1.

Armed Robbery Update: Actor last seen on the "Avenues" traveling towards Bendigo Rd.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious there is a person in need of cash . That's what the 4th bank in 2 weeks. In broad day light. Police force where are you.. lets put the donuts down and maybe increase our presence a little bit..yes that's right,i guess because we can't pull this person over for crossing a double yellow were not gonna put forth effort. Let's get off our ass's and put a stop to this before someone gets hurt or killed...

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he sell the gun?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so someone decides to go rob a bank and all the sudden its the police forces' fault? You are so intelligent! Grow up!

overdarainbo said...

I cannot believe the offensive police comments. Shame on you; if ignorance were a disease you would be the poster child!

Anonymous said...

A person get a traffic ticket and suddenly all law enforcement are lazy donut eaters. Get a life you moron. The police ARE doing their jobs ! I suppose since they're not doing it YOUR's not being done right. How about the citizens start stepping up and turn this guy in ? Somebody out there knows something...and they're protecting this guy by not going to police with information. How's THAT for pointing the blame ?!

Anonymous said...

A society that make wars with its police had better learn to make friends with it's criminals. Good luck!