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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Free Sharing Potter County

Free Sharing Potter County

"Free Stuff Potter County" (Facebook)
I just wanted to share this group with you and all of your local readers..

When useful items aren't recycled, it means more and more has to be produced and that means more and more pollution for all of us. This is why I created "Free Stuff Potter County" (Facebook)

About our group: Free Stuff Potter County, a group created for recycling your unwanted items. This group is all about working to help our neighbors and the environment by keeping usable items out of the landfill by passing them along to people who can use them. So if you have an outdated TV, a garage you are cleaning out, or even a bunch of empty coffee cans, pass on those items instead of tossing them in the dump!

I hope you enjoy the Free Stuff sharing experience, and please tell your friends about us :) :) :)
Go to the link below to start sharing or find something you might need.

Thanks so much!!
Group Administrator, Kendra Zaidi


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea but doesn't it duplicate the purpose of Freecycle which already has a Coudersport group?

Anonymous said...

Freecycle has changed..I know a few people who stopped using it because it was hard to get to & navigate. Freecycle only has a 148 members in Coudersport and very little traffic unlike Facebook, where since the "Free Potter County" group was started(this morning) there are already over 100+ members and counting with items already being offered and taken..Hope that answers your question?!?

Inquring Minds said...

Why do you have to "join" the group to see what is offered or needed within Potter County???

Anonymous said...

Inquiring Minds...that is a Facebook thing. It's how they have "Groups" set up. Nothing anyone can do about it.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea!
Lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

I want to know why everything is posted on Facebook???? but you can not find out about it any other way. Not all people are interested in having a facebook account.

Anonymous said...

4:00:00 PM If you're not interested in having a Facebook account and have items to donate or need things for free, here's a link for Coudyfreecycle..Enjoy!

Just copy and paste the link above;)Good luck with that!

Wish I'd thought of that! said...

Never heard of Freecycle. But apparently they had members. So you had to join it. What's the prob, Inquiring Minds??

Any good effort that doesn't come with a paycheck requires dedicated, civic-minded people. If the person who is running this free sharing effort has the time and energy (and the caring!) to pull this off then we should be helping them get the word out, not hindering them with useless negative comments.

I would offer one suggestion to the people running Free Stuff Potter County. Pick a local charity that everyone can care about. Teacher's Pet Rescue comes first to mind. Put a suggestion on the website "Appreciate what we do? Happy to get that item for absolutely FREE? Please consider donating $1.00 per item to (name of charity)."