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Really Rural

Sunday, January 13, 2013



xurbandisasterrecords·121 videos

Published on Jan 13, 2013
FROM THE FRONTLINES welcomes David Bohlander, Accountant and Business Consultant. Dave's home has been occupied by the gas industry known as "hydrofracking".
Living in Wyalusing PA, in the heart of fracking in Bradford County, the water wells on his wife's 7th generation family farm were contaminated after the Slick Water Hydraulic Fracturing began.


Anonymous said...

MORE chickenlittle propaganda...

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight. Hydrofracing has not been proven to cause any water contamination in Pennsylvania, let alone this landowner's property.

People could light their water for decades but all of the sudden it is the fault of the natural gas industry.

I am sure all of you environmentalists that do nothing but complain have a better plan for this nation's energy needs. If you do, I would love to hear them.

Anonymous said...

Re: Hydrofracing has not been proven to cause any water contamination in Pennsylvania, let alone this landowner's property....Don't tell that to the operator who pays for the Richardson's water in Tioga.

Anonymous said...

6:48:00 PM:!i=2317662525&k=xRrdzT8&lb=1&s=X2

Anonymous said...

I wish you pea brained frackers would go back where you came from and leave us alone! I vote David Bohlander for our next president of the U.S.A. He has more common sense then all of the current elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so the position of the paid trolls is that there's never any impact from drilling?

I guess when your ability to earn a living is tied directly to a controversial and polluting (even when it's done right, unconventional shale drilling pollutes the environment) industry, you would say just about anything.

Go visit this man and call him a liar to his face then.

Go visit this man and walk in his shoes for a couple days.

But when you step into an anonymous forum throwing around the same tired old industry buzz words, you should hardly be expected to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...


(Part 1) If the gas industry told us locals we'd all have jobs and be sitting pretty, why then are they renting homes and motel units for gas workers? (Part 2) Dit they lie to us?

Anonymous said...

Corbett especially and Thompson are makig a lifetime worth of money "pawning" our good earth. May they rot for it! Frackers go home to Texas & take those 2 along. If you cant do it safely.

Anonymous said...

Shells idea of proving something to be safe:

1. Buy all local and state officials that may disagree (2 million to Corbett, and thats just what we found out about)(dozens of DEP and EPA "resignations")

2. Promise all land owners that its safe and that they will be rich. (but still cover your ass in the lease agreement because none of it is true)

3. Pay off all local authorities so none of your equipment on the road needs to meet D.O.T standards.

4. Buy out all local authorities so zoning doesnt apply anymore.

5. Come up with dozens of reasons for sudden pollution. ("methane and benzene geysers have been around for years" "well your water was polluted when we tested it before we started")

6. Spend millions on ads about "safe and responsible shale development" and job creation (that never happens)

7. Recruit all your illegal immigrants and get to work making millions. Screw everybody else and what they think...