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Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Say ‘No’ — Locals Ban Frack Waste in Pa.

 Just Say ‘No’ — Locals Ban Frack Waste in Pa.
by  Public Herald
On January 9, 2013, in otherwise quiet Highland Township in Elk County, Pennsylvania, officials signed a community rights bill into law stopping the deposit of fracking waste within the township.

Seneca Resources, the drilling and fracking arm of National Fuel Gas of Williamsville, N.Y., had planned to inject its “production fluids” (oil and gas drilling and fracking waste) into an injection well about 2,200 feet from Crystal Springs — a main source of water for James City — according to the Kane Republican.

Injection wells have a history, both long and recent, of failing to contain waste and increasing the risk of exposure to drinking water supplies. So, residents of Highland Township asked their municipal officials to say “No.” Read More...


Anonymous said...

Good for you... The people are tired of seeing what them Frackers Bring!!! Stand you ground

Anonymous said...

I hope Highland Township has a big war chest of money. They will need it to pay the legal fees after they are sued into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

@12:01:00 PM

Are you supporting the full weight of the state PLUS the corporate interests being brought to bear on these people who only want local control over their own land? The air they breath? Industrial development in their neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for being so poorly educated but if a township, borough, city or county passes an ordinance to regulate an activity that it has no legal authority to regulate, just because a lot of people don't want the activity to take place, don't the courts have a constitutional duty (not discretion) to uphold the law and declare that the ordinance is invalid? This seems like a tremendous waste of time and resources when the outcome can already be predicted and worse yet it might raise people's hopes on a very false premise. Am I missing something?
Sign me, "Realist"

Anonymous said...

Research it! Learn. Read case history throughout the country. Municipalities have gone bankrupt defending emmotions and bad science. Where will the tree huggers be when your local taxes triple? Gone, off to the next warm and fuzzy cause.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like an unbiased story from a newspaper.
And they say reporters only report the news... Bwahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

The "Realist" is being practical, real & correct.
I see self-promotion of an agenda by the lady author.
Do we want fracwater treated & reused or do we want it injected into deep wells?

Anonymous said...

Will there be hookers and strippers ?