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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Massive Waste Facility Slated for “Triple Divide”

Massive Waste Facility Slated for “Triple Divide”
The headwaters where three rivers are born, the triple continental divide in Potter County, Pennsylvania, is slated for a massive toxic waste processing plant permitted to handle up to 700 truck loads of unconventional oil and gas “production fluids” per day. Unless…armed with information and determination, the communities through which all this waste will be transported stand up and just say, “NO.”
The web of companies involved in the placement of this new waste facility a few miles from Triple Divide is splintered and strange. Probably most odd is the following statement from the website of the first company behind the project, Sionix:

“Costly and risky transportation of these highly toxic wastes no longer need to cross the busy highways and byways of rural America threatening told and untold catastrophes.”
Sionix is referring to it’s mobile, on-sight waste treatment machines in the quote above. So why are “subcompanies” of Sionix building a huge facility requiring “risky transportation” of “highly toxic wastes?” That’s one of the questions we’re about to uncover.
Stay tuned for more from Public Herald about the Triple Divide waste facility. Ground has been broken, but construction of the facility itself hasn’t started…yet. 

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Fran Bottone said...

A real shame, this is (was) a very nice area.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't build it there. Isn't that where the Amish Mafia bury the dead?

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

There is a story in the paper today that says the number of trucks will peak at 70 a day, not 700.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of this opinion reporting. I can't wait for the day when there is some honest, unbiased news reporting in this area.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for it to be done. At present I am on unemployment and need a job.

Anonymous said...

i think this is a great idea. recycling the waste water and reselling it. come one people you complain about them using up good clean water from ponds, rivers, etc.. yet you do not want them to reuse the water they are currently using. just because you do not want trucks on the road. i am sorry but the last i recall there already is a load of water trucks that already go through that area of the county. tough S#$t

Little Joe the Flatlander said...

Everything will be fine. I don't know what everyone is so worried about. I'm sure that the government will oversee this project and make sure that the environment is safe and will remain that way. You hillbillies are just so uptight.

Anonymous said...

I won't get into the pros and cons of this issue but rather question the reporting. Why do you news people have to sensationalize the news (MASSIVE) why you cannot stick to facts that can be verifyed instead of half truths to incite the public. Once upon a time reports did fact checking and only reported the news. they didn't try to create the news.

Anonymous said...

This site is over 4 miles away from the divide. Again create a false story. Check your facts

Anonymous said...

I believe alot of times reporters should start their writing with "In my opinion". The proposed site is property owned by individuals or a company that should have the right to conduct any legal business on their own property. The gas & oil companies not only are watched very carefully by dep and other such agencies, but they also have their own safety regulations and programs that are required on a daily basis. I can't imagine that this would be any different. As far as truck traffic. How many people out there realize the safety programs that each truck and driver adheres to on a daily basis. This is costly to not only the gas & oil companies, but also the companies that conduct business with them. We can't live by what "could", "might", "may" happen. This will provide jobs in our area.

Anonymous said...

Just more of the sky is falling crap from the public herald!

Anonymous said...

Jim Hoopes goal in life is to be rich and to destroy all that we hold dear to our hearts. Potter county is known for its beauty nation wide. Why on earth the township and county would allow an outsider (hoopes is from Chester county Pa.) blows my mind. First wind turbines and now this toxic waste dump plant.

Damn him!!!

Anonymous said...

You can't have it both ways Melissa.If you want a safe disposal method for frac water this is the answer. ZERO discharge. Let me repeat that, ZERO discharge. Quit sensationalizing the danger for profit.Do you bother to explain the huge number of trucks and train cars that pass through this area everyday carrying cargos of chemicals with the ability to kill on contact? Be honest. You could take a bath in brine water and likely have no ill effects if you rinsed after.Do we want this stuff spilled all over the place? certainly not,and this is a darn good way to see that it is taken care of in a manner that protects us in the best way available.

Anonymous said...

One a day is to many!