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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pennsylvania State Police Launch New “See Something, Send Something” App to Help Fight Terrorism

Pennsylvania State Police Launch New “See Something, Send Something” App to Help Fight Terrorism

Harrisburg– A new smartphone application has been developed to help the Pennsylvania State Police receive reports regarding suspicious activity that may be linked to terrorism.

The new See Something, Send Something app allows suspicious activity to be captured as a photo or written note and sent to the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC).

“This App provides concerned citizens with an effective communications and reporting tool,” State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said. “The See Something, Send Something mobile app, developed by My Mobile Witness, sends terrorism-related tips directly to PaCIC where tips are evaluated by analysts and assigned for investigation as warranted,” Noonan said.

The application, which is available at no cost for iPhone and Android phone users, also includes information on what to look for and when to report suspicious activity, along with how to receive important alerts.

“No one knows what goes on in your neighborhood better than you,” Noonan said. “You may see or hear things that seem out of the ordinary and raise your suspicions -- if you see something suspicious taking place, report it.”

“One tip from an alert citizen can prove valuable and protect Pennsylvania from a potential terrorist act,” Noonan said.

My Mobile Witness uses patent-pending privacy protection software for safeguarding the integrity of tips and citizens’ personal information. The system allows the PaCIC to engage citizens without tracking location or storing of personal information. Submitted tips are immediately removed from the mobile device and purged from the My Mobile Witness system once delivered to the intelligence center for analysis.

Factors such as race, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation alone are not suspicious activity. For that reason, the public should report only suspicious behavior and situations (e.g., an unattended backpack or briefcase in a public place) rather than beliefs, thoughts, ideas, expressions, associations, or speech unrelated to terrorism or other criminal activity. Only reports that document behavior reasonably indicative of criminal activity related to terrorism will be shared with local, state and federal partners.

“Prevention is everyone's responsibility,” Noonan said. “We are one neighborhood, one state, one nation; and it is the responsibility of all to remain vigilant and to report suspicious behavior -- one report can make a difference.”

In addition to the new mobile app, people can call the toll-free State Police Terrorism Tip Line at 1-888-292-1919 or email to report suspicious individuals or activity.

The Pennsylvania State Police have been receiving terrorism-related tips from the public since 2003.

In the case of an immediate threat or emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.


Anonymous said...

Oh christ all mighty. Lets turn neighbors against neighbors and let them do our job so we can spend more time at dunkin donuts...then we will take all the credit and look like heroes...

Anonymous said...

90% of the calls of suspected terrorism will be people trying to document spills and violations on or near their property. The other 10% will be your own nosy neighbor.

Out in the forest with a camera?


Anonymous said...

Oh Good its bad enough Coudersport Cops encourge people to go through peoples Garbage. Now we have a screw whith your neighbor ap. Please, make an ap that detecks lieing cops and county sheriffs Dept. OMG people what will they come up with next. Big Brother is alive and well in PA and Potter County,

Anonymous said...

What happened to our right of privacy! Continue to allow these little things and one day they will add up to our rights and freedoms being taken away.

Anonymous said...

You people crack me up. Have you never seen the CRIME STOPPER billboards along the highway with the 800# for people to call and report criminal activity ??? Do any of you watch AMERICA'S MOST WANTED ??? So big deal, now you can contact authorities via your cell phone. Oh MY GOD !!! The government is taking over ! Our constitutional rights are being taken away! Stop the insanity !

get a life.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the only ones who will have to worry about being turned in are those with a reason to be worried.

Anonymous said...

The police can't be everywhere, and sometimes individual citizens see things that are suspicious. You're not losing any of your freedoms by trying to protect others from a dangerous attack. Just use some common sense. This isn't a bad thing, and if you really don't trust the government to protect your community, and many bloggers don't, why not take part yourself?
The funny part is, much of our area doesn't have decent cell service, so the app won't make a difference. Homeland Security should get us all coverage; THAT might just make a difference in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Im waiting to see how many people they arrest for taking pictures while they are driving. Never know where you might see a terrorist