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Friday, January 11, 2013

Poll: What do you think of Gov. Tom Corbett intending to privatize the state lottery?

Gov. Tom Corbett's office announced Friday that he intends to award British company Camelot Global Services a contract to run the Pennsylvania lottery. What do you think of his plan and how he went about it?

PennLive.com has a poll and wants your opinion on outsourcing the lottery to the UK. Click here to go to PennLive's poll.


Anonymous said...

There's got to be something in it for him. I think Governor Corbett should have asked Pennsylvanians our opinion BEFORE he makes a decision like that and put it to a vote. More PA jobs outsourced just like the Pa. Dept. of Public Welfare hiring a new financial management company in Boston to process home care workers pay in Pa., and according to the newspaper, the new firm is screwing it up and people aren't getting paid for their labor. Sounds like outsourcing Pa. jobs isn't working out Governor Corbett. I can't wait to help him on his way in the next election. He's probably already making plans to go to Great Britain to run our Lottery from there and skim tons of cash off the top. CREEP!!!

Anonymous said...

Crooked, dumb, stupid.

Oh, now I get it, he wants to run for President in 2016.

sharon goss said...

NO NO NO, everything else is going overseas, now THE LOTTERY ?? This is ridiculous. Is there no one available her who can run our lottery ?? I may consider stopping my regular plays.
The more outside fingers in this thing the more chance for cheating and so far, it has run fine, yes, we should be given a chance to express our feeling. Afterall, it is our lottery and we have no say in too many things today....

Anonymous said...

I am glad Corbett has the ballz to do this. The Lottery Bureau has been stuffed with political patronage jobs for decades and it is unefficient. If this contracting results in more money for senior citizens projects and a smaller public payroll with fewer state workers then those are two excellent outcomes in my book. If I were king the state would get out of the gambling business entirely as I believe the social costs and damage that addictive gambling takes is greater than the money it generates for senior citizen programs. No way to measure that because people who waste their money on lottery tickets would not tend to be forthcoming but if you sit in the Sheetz parking lot in Coudersport or Costa's you will see about a half-dozen local people who very clearly have a gambling problem and in some cases it is obviously hurting their families. Multiply that times tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians.

Bucky Freeman said...

Corbett wants to privatize every state program. Either it is a payback to political allies OR IT THERE IS A KICKBACK INTO A HIDDEN (most likely offshore) ACCOUNT FOR CORBETT. WHAT OTHER EXPLANATION IS THERE ? THE STATE DOES NOT RECIEVE INCREASED BENEFITS ALONG COUPLED WITH JOBS LOST. GO FIGURE !

Anonymous said...

Corbett should be tarred and feathered. Government needs to keep their noses out of Lottery.(and a lot of other stuff) Of course, it they do, they won't be privy to the total of all of the Millions of $'s spent on lottery. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and it is ALL our wonderful political butt heads' fault. WE sure didn't run up the national deficit and steal money from SS , THEY did. They are all theives. And they laugh at us and thumb their noses at us every day because they know we can't do a thing about it.

Anonymous said...

Praise the good lord. Everything happens on his command