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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Potter County could be attractive location for injection wells to dispose of polluted water

Underground Injection Wells In Potter County?

wastewaterinjectionPotter County could be an attractive location for a series of injection wells to dispose of polluted water produced from gas drilling, according to a federal environmental official. Karen Johnson, underground injection control program manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), made her comments during a meeting of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Task Force.

Responding to questions from Potter County Commissioner Paul Heimel, Johnson said she had reviewed a large-scale plan — which was later shelved — that called for establishing dozen of injection wells in the county. While that project has been scrapped, Johnson said it’s probably just a matter of time before companies target Potter County. Depleted and unproductive wells are attractive locations for brine disposal, Johnson pointed out, and Potter County has many locations that could qualify.

Companies are seeking EPA permits for injection wells in Elk, Clearfield, Warren and Venango counties as the drilling industry seeks alternatives for water treatment/recycling, Johnson said. She predicted that the trend will continue across Pennsylvania. While the Pa. Dept. of Environmental Resources regulates most aspects of oil and gas development, EPA is responsible for underground injection. Johnson said the agency’s primary mission is protection of groundwater. Companies must construct several layers of casing around the injection well and continually test its mechanical integrity. They also must cap old gas wells within the pressure-affected area.


Anonymous said...

I am sure there is a Hoopes with his hand up saying "give me money, dump it here!!

Anonymous said...

The only hope one has is to die before the planet is uninhabitable.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha this must be the "wastewater disposal facility" they were talking about...

Anonymous said...

the waste water has to go someplace. if there is a cantamination, potter county is the ideal location. very remote with few inhabitants it make sense

Anonymous said...

The "Worlds" dumping ground, no one knows what we are doing up here, no one cares.... just another big hill to hide things in.
If we had prestigue and money, like Montgomery and Bucks County, none of this would be happening.

jc7254 said...

We could if we open our roads to ATV like other states. Instead of relying on fishing, hunting, and a small snowmobile seasons. We could never do that, thats would be like opening Sunday for hunters.

Joe Cooney

Anonymous said...

Many years ago a gas company tried to buy some of our land on Fishing Creek to dispose of brine in old wells and we reseached it an learned that it could travel great distances and contaminate existing water wells- we refused to sell it in order to protect surrounding neighbors water wells and we're glad we did it. The companieswere desperate and offered us a very high amount of money and we still refused. Don't let them do this.

Anonymous said...

"God's Country"???

Anonymous said...

Pa. the new "love canal"

Anonymous said...

some of the stupidest are on again today , think about it where did this "WASTE WATER" come from duh its from the same place they are returning it too.

peachesz said...

This water may have come from the ground except now this water has over 400 chemical additives and compounds many that are impossible to remove by any process. Congratulations to the people with the courage to keep thier integrity and protect Potter County and thier neighbors. Shame on those who sold out and continue to take the money disregatding the danger to future generations. You will live to regret your short term thinking.

Anonymous said...

If they inject the water back into the ground, it will kill tourism in Potter County! Wait, there is no tourism in Potter County. Bring on the wells! The windmills are starting soon too. :)

Anonymous said...

Where's John Rigas when you need him? Oh yes, in prision for doing something that all companies do every single day.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again

Good by old friend
You’ve got gas
With this disease
You can not last

100 years ago
you gave us your pine
your hemlock and even some oil
Somehow you survived
Though we scared your soils.
This country was built from your uncommon wealth.
With no regard for your beauty or your health

You brought forth great hardwoods that loomed
Generating jobs with a second timber boom.
We have finally learned sustainable ways
To harvest your timber for years to come
Although some still to practice harvesting dumb

We’ve sunk our plow deep in your soil
Harvested crops from your hillsides and flats
Poisoned your water to accomplish that.

You’re an uncommon lady with riches abound
But now they have discovered gas in the ground
They are pumping poison deep in your bowels
For profits untold and good jobs for all are gold diggers howl

The poison comes back to the top with a gush
And down your valley and rivers the poison will rush
When it’s all over and the butchers a gone
I’m afraid this time you won’t last long

With out a doubt I will go first
But you old friend will suffer the worst
Your death will be slow it will not be fast


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha unbelievable....

Anonymous said...