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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shoplifter arrested for attempting to steal beer

Shoplifter arrested for attempting to steal beer

On Friday - December 28, 2012 the NYS Police Amity received a report of a larceny from Crosby's Mini Mart located on State Route 19 in the Town of Amity.

After an investigation, troopers arrested Kelly Gallmann, 27, of New York City for stealing a 30 pack of beer.

Gallmann was charged with Petit Larceny and was released on an appearance ticket returnable to the Town of Amity Court on January 9, 2013 at 7:00 pm.


Anonymous said...

Kelly was after some brew.
But her money roll was lacking.
Kelly's Big Apple instincts held true.
So the 30-pack was there for hijacking.
Now those brewkies may have tasted fine.
But because Kelly was a dildine,
A hefty fine will ensue.
Let this be a good lesson to you.

Anonymous said...

While a dildine Kelly might be,
Did you that that perhaps it's a he?
That name could apply to each gender.
And in this case, a certain non-spender.
I hope those cold brews were most tasty.
Maybe next time your retreat will be more hasty.

Scott said...

Well done, well done.

Anonymous said...

Now these are the kind of posts I like!!!

Anonymous said...

Every time the not-so keen, use the word dildine, I want to stick a hot poker in my spleen.

Little it would do...without this filter. I'd only be slightly off kilter. I'd still have my eyes and ears. Can't drink my sorrows away...the cops got all the beers this day.

Maybe the user will stop acting like their fifteen, or maybe even a preteen, quit using the "word" dildine, and maybe think of something new while in the latrine, helping people to not want to drink benzene because're lack of imagination is obscene.

Greg Elderkin said...

Jim could publish an online "Best of: Poet and don't know it" for all the silliness that some of these posts generate..

I say "could," but it's Jim's site and he'll do what he deems necessary..

Just my .02...
"Dildine: A mentally challenged stump jumper, usually from Pennsyltucky with an IQ of a squirrel. Usually ignorant, intolerant of others, and judgmental." (

This is the only 'definition' I could find online. Please expound on the real meaning.. again.

Anonymous said...

Comments at 5:08 are really just tripe.
That word isn't hanus, so why do you gripe?
I find the word funny, and hardly demeaning.
I just wish I knew, though, just what is its meaning?

Solomon's words for the wise said...

It seems like we get some pretty good poems in comments or sent directly. I get a laugh out of most. Your other problem with the definition of the word Dildine is best solved by looking it up in Websters. That is the correct definition. The urban dicti0onary reference was apparently placed by some idiot who had no inkling of the true meaning, so he simply described himself.