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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

US Rep. Thompson: "I do not believe that additional gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens will serve to prevent future acts of mass violence.”

Thompson Statement on President’s Plan to Reduce Gun Violence
Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, R-Howard, today released the following statement in response to President Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence:

“The President has proposed a broad set of recommendations, which I plan to review carefully. There are no easy solutions when it comes to preventing violence, but we have an obligation to take every effort possible to better protect our communities, especially our children.

“I believe there are areas of policy that can be improved upon, especially identifying gaps in our mental health system, better detection of mental illness, and enhanced communication and coordination among community organizations, law enforcement agencies, and offices of public safety. I also believe that school safety and the broader issue of child safety should remain a focus at all levels of government and society as we move forward.

“While the nation has enacted many responsible limits on firearms, including long-established restrictions of gun ownership by the mentally ill and convicted felons, I do not believe that additional gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens will serve to prevent future acts of mass violence.”
View the President’s recommendations: click here.
View the President’s executive actions: click here.


Anonymous said...

Of course 90% of the Republicans are going to disagree with the President & Vice Presidents potential plans for guns. Suprise suprise. So typical.

Anonymous said...

Just like drugs. They are illegal but guess what, people still find a way to get them.

Anonymous said...

6:56 yeah and u are a typical liberal

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what, Glenn, my boy...you guys end the drug war, repeal the patriot act and cancel the global war on terror that enables indefinite detention.

Maybe then we'll consider an end to the arms war you guys started.

Anonymous said...

Banning ALL guns will only force the crooks to buy them out of the country and send the money out of the US instead of keeping the money here at home.

Anonymous said...

Banning guns is unconstitutional.

I believe the issue of assault type weapons should be a state by state regulation - adopted by a vote from the citizens of that state.

Also ALL firearms should be registered and a background check done on anyone who owns or buys a gun.

Even with that there will still be people who commit violance so they need to be delt with HARSHLY!

Anonymous said...

If Obummer would hand in his drones that would surely save alot of lives

Anonymous said...

People may want to read the fine print in some of these proposals, especially those being implemented by executive order.

It's alarming what is being said about "mental health" issues in particular.

There are instructions from the White House for government agencies to share data more readily.

So I asked myself, what agencies? What agencies would have information about the mental health staus of American citizens, and how difficult would it be to access this data?

Social Security and the Veterans Administration have data bases with millions of diagnostic coding showing specific mental health impairments. So does the Health Care Financing Administration. All that is needed is a few computer runs, and the info is right there. To whom this would be released, and how it would be processed should be a concern of everyone, not just the people being labeled as far right.

Returning troops with PTSD. People taking anti-depressants for migraines and other reasons. Anyone with a primary or secondary diagnosis involving mental health.

There are millions of citizens who pose no threat but have a data trail in the hands of the government.

We are still a free society and supposedly protected by constitutional decree and other safeguards. When these are whittled away or surrendered outright we need all be alarmed about that.

Anonymous said...

All those who are proponents of gun control, be forewarned!
We who take the defense of our Constitution as a personal responsibility are coming after you, armed with FACTS !!!

Anonymous said...

Not one item that was discussed would prevent a criminal from getting a weapon and committing a crime. all that was done was to punish the lawbiding citizen.

Anonymous said...

He's right. Nothing they do could have prevented this. It's a mental health issue. It's the human beings not some hunk of metal.1800t

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, when 40% of gun sales occur with no background check, that's a pretty damn large loophole for criminals and schizophrenics to purchase guns through. Closing that loophole actually WILL reduce illegal gun purchases.