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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Analysis of Marcellus flowback finds high levels of ancient brines

Analysis of Marcellus flowback finds high levels of ancient brines

December 17, 2012
PennState News
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Brine water that flows back from gas wells in the Marcellus Shale region after hydraulic fracturing is many times more salty than seawater, with high contents of various elements, including radium and barium. The chemistry is consistent with brines formed during the Paleozoic era, a study by an undergraduate student and two professors in Penn State’s Department of Geosciences found.

The study indicates that the brine flowback elements found in high levels in the late stages of hydraulic fracturing come from the ancient brines rather than from salts dissolved by the water and chemicals used as part of the fracking process. The paper by Lara O. Haluszczak, a Penn State student who has since graduated; professor emeritus Arthur W. Rose; and Lee R. Kump, professor and head of the Department of Geosciences; detailing those findings has been accepted for publication in Applied Geochemistry, the journal of the International Association of Geochemistry, and is available online. Read more.....

From the abstract:

"For total Ra (combined 226Ra and 228Ra) in flowback, the highest level reported is 6540 pCi/L...these waters (saline brine flow from gas wells in the Marcellus Formation after hydraulic stimulation) contain concentrations of Ra and Ba that are commonly hundreds of times the US drinking water standards."


Anonymous said...

... so, that means decades from now when some new-fangled way of gas collecting comes along and one analizes back flow, they'll see the deadly cocktail we used in the 2000's.

Anonymous said...

Theres actually nothing terrible being pumped in other than things such as sand and dish soap. The bad stuff everybody complains about is already present in the ground and has been for years. What lies below the surface is worse than what they are injecting

Anonymous said...


Don't listen to that shalenet propaganda that they have been feeding you on that website. Thee is more to it than what those very old online videos from there tell you.