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Monday, February 18, 2013

Burglars Smash Window/Steal Medications At Eldred Drug Store Overnight

Burglars stole prescription medications early Monday morning after they broke the glass out of the front window of Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy on Main Street in Eldred Borough.

Trooper Mary Gausman of the Kane PSP, said unknown actor(s) entered the store, removed prescription medications, and then fled the scene.

She's asking anyone who may have any information on the 3:45 AM incident or may have noticed suspicious activity in the area to contact her at Kane PSP. Phone 814-778-5555.

The burglary is similar to another burglary at the store on January 28, 2013.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is the same people who broke into Dunns in Bolivar, NY?

Anonymous said...

Ok I think we have all had enough of their crap. Its real nice that u steal from the pharmacies where honest people that really need theirs Meds go to get them. I'm so glad u think its better to put money in your own pocket while people with cancer, singles and every other major issue have to go without.......POOP TO YOU THEIVES!! May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your empty ballsack!!!

Greg Elderkin said...

Um.. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

This is the second time that Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy has been broken into. Why? The first time should have been "Never again." But the second time? "Uh, gee whiz, I wonder what we did wrong.. I put in a new glass window." I don't even live in Eldred and this makes me mad! Someone is hiding somewhere with stolen prescription medications, laughing at the store owners, the town of Eldred and lastly, the lack of law enforcement in that community during the night and early morning. Not saying "LEO's" would be the end-all of this repeat problem, but something needs done. For the price of two incidents and the clean up, repair, and replacement of these, there should be a "put a 'roll-up door' out side that is harder to break than glass" and put in a security camera? If they have one, it needs replaced. I hope that the perpetrators get caught and sent to a federal prison for stealing prescription drugs and have to pay for all the damage, repair, replacement, and energies and resources by PSP that these two incidents have caused.

What a shame that this has happened to such a small community.

Anonymous said...

Someone knows the perp.
Drop a dime on the scum bag(s) and put and end to this garbage.

If we put up with this crap it will get worse. This is how it starts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but if I catch whoever is doing that at any point in time as I drive by there randomly during the morning... I promise that I will be stopping and beating your ass if you read this... Down right pathetic, I hope you get nailed.

Anonymous said...

If we put up with this crap it will get worse. This is how it starts.


Anonymous said...

I so hope they find who did this. They may if there is a OD in the next few day's!!

Anonymous said...

... good thing our Gov is making sure we are all armed to defend ourselves and our property

Anonymous said...

That's right you shallow people,if all else fails blame the government.

Anonymous said...

If someone is this desperate for what I am guessing is opiate medication.Oxy,Vicaden,morphine and such.Why don't they go somewhere and get some legal help.God you even hear commercials all the time on the radio.I think it sais to go to the turn to help website.

Ugotta B Kiddin said...

They probably aren't stealing them because they are using them. They are probably stealing them because they have a street value of up to $10 per pill depending on what they are.

Anonymous said...

I think it sais to go to the turn to help website.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 12:28:00 PM EST

Because they're either looking for a high or to make some money selling this stuff...more than likely the LAST thing they want is help.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to have to steal to feed an addiction!

Anonymous said...

I blame a lot of the issues with the burglaries and crime in general on the CITIZENS of Mckean Co. Why is that you ask? Because you are the ONLY ones able to contact your legislatures and let them know that the amount of police presence in this county is unacceptable. (pa state police complaint number 866-426-9164 or the head of your local depts.)As long as no one voices their concerns to the HEADS of each dept., nothing is going to be done about this. It's not fair that this county (almost the size of rhode island) is only covered by a few police officers and at times has NO COVERAGE at all. There are numerous counties in the state of PA that have an abundance of officers to each twp. It all about the all mighty dollar and politics making a name for themselves. Until we all complain to harrisburg then nothing in Mckean county will be resolved. The police can not stop all crimes but a mere presence could have detered these burglaries or even prevented a death involving a DUI.