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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Causer Looking Into Merging PA Game Commission & Fish & Boat Commission

As reported in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I will be introducing a resolution calling on the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to look at the potential benefits of merging the Game Commission and the Fish and Boat Commission into one agency. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Good idea if the agencys becomes one. They should be able to operate at a lower cost using the resources available as to equipment and man power. As is the game commissioner just sit around or ride their vehicles till they are worn out. Very ,very seldom do you see them doing an work that is good for the game . Some times , I see deceased deer lay by the way side until they fall apart. Years ago our game wardens took care of the deer herds. Today they seem to care less and less. They have shot themselves in the foot as now very few people even want to hunt because of the small deer herds. The streams are now dry in the summer because of the lack of moisture in this area. Combine the two and use less people and take away their big play toys that they use.

Anonymous said...

There should be no merging or streamlining of these two agencies. This is the USA for cripes sake, instead we should divide them both up into six or eight different agencies with plenty of redundancy and contradictory policies.

Anonymous said...

I think the fish comm. should be allowed to sink or swim on their own.The hatchery closings should wake folks up to the fact that these two facilities were the biggest stream polluters in the state(nitrates from manure) and Oswayo had been fighting a fungal disease for years adding huge amounts of hydrogen peroxide to the water as a treatment.Now take this information and join them to the very viable Pa game Comm. and down the road the funds of the Game comm.turns into a super fund to pay for the damge to the hatchery sites and the streams,this country is getting used to fixing all the stuff that ain't broke yet,it has to stop somewhere.concerned downstreamer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Long past do! Lets get her done Marty. We don't need all these Board menbers to run it either. Too much money is being wasted.

Anonymous said...

And that is not the peroxide one buys at the drug store either. Where do you think them sores the kids got from being in the stream in Oswayo?
They just dumped it straight in with out deluting it like it should have been.

Anonymous said...

First off the Game Commissoners are a group of 6 men, that sit at a table and do absolutley nothing. Its the actually Conseveration Officers that due work. As for the deer laying on the side of the road, perhaps you should call and report the deer on the road, and depending on the road, Penndot does not allow the officers to remove the carcaus off the roady. As Penndot has buys that go out on roads as state roads or roads taht Penndot manages to remove all animals. I little knowledge would be acceptable when making suggestions next time.