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Monday, February 11, 2013

Emporium Man Facing Aggravated Assault Charge

An Emporium man was apprehended and jailed Sunday night after he reportedly pressed the barrel of a rifle against an Emporium woman in a domestic dispute.

Martin Lyon of Emporium is accused in charges filed by Trooper Mall of the Emporium barracks, of pressing the barrel of a rifle against Andrea Sowers of Emporium during a domestic altercation at 7:43 PM before leaving a residence at 27 E. 6th Street Ext in Emporium Borough in Cameron County.

Police issued an area wide BOLO for Lyon. Lyon was apprehended a short time later and arraigned before District Judge Jacob who sent him to the Elk County Prison in lieu of $7,500. cash bail.


Anonymous said...

Holly cow Andy you need to get the hell away from him... take your daughter an go!!!! can we confirm he's unstable?

Anonymous said...

unstable? Sure sounds like it!

Anonymous said...

so with this happening will they confiscate all his weapons sounds like they should.. he might just pull the trigger the next time.. it's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Leave Martin alone, He has been stressed out lately.

Anonymous said...

This story is blown up. Its not at all what it sounds like. If you dont know what happened then wait till he is convicted to run your mouth. Being accused and convicted are two different things!! He is not unstable nor would he ever harm his family!

Anonymous said...

You are insinuating that Ms. Sowers was lying then ? If that is the case then we should be reading about her filing false charges in the near future, yes ? If not, and he is found guilty, then apparently you think it is perfectly okay to hold a gun to somebody (loaded or not) during a domestic fight ? I'm sorry, but were you THERE ??? Are you a witness to the incident ? I didn't think so. So your comments are meaningless. People are entitled to their opinions. If the guy has anger issues, and he owns guns, there SHOULD be somethign done about it ! DUH.

Anonymous said...

first of all he didnt get arrested for domestic and im not calling her a liar at all nor did she say that is what happened. I know both of them personally and have talked to both of them. she is on his side for all of this! And yes i do know what happened. the charges were more than what even occured but that is what the cops have to do its their job. I understand that! If she felt so threatened she wouldnt have went up and bailed him out. would she? NO! When its all over im sure you will see that all these charges will be thrown out! You can ask them at easter dinner since you know them so well!