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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rep.Causer Admonishes Arway Over Closing Of Oswayo Hatchery

During today's meeting of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, I questioned Fish and Boat Commission Executive Director John Arway about the commission's planned closing of two hatcheries, including one in Oswayo.


Anonymous said...

OH well I didn't care for the fisherman that came in to my area an parked in my yard just to fish, never asking if it was ok to park in my yard... I won't miss this at all! Cry me a river...

Anonymous said...

Well, good for you Marty, you're really on the ball here. So like a politician to raise questions after the fact, then issue a press release steeped in surprise. Maybe if you spent less time getting your name out there and more time doing real behind the scenes work this kind of stuff wouldn't always end up with our area getting the short end of Harrisburg's stick.

Alvin D Lyon said...

I'm sure that the Fish Commission didn't run it by Marty first! How do you know what Marty does and doesn't do in Harrisburg. If you don't like the job that Marty's doing then vote him out. I personally like him and the work he does for this area. If you only knew the uphill battle he fights in Harrisburg everyday. In Harrisburgs mind this is the crap hole of the state. Marty does his best to try to better the lives of the area residents. If you want to bitch and complain about someone take your anger out on our other elected offical. He's the President of the PA Senate and he doesn't do a DAM thing for the northern tier. Atleast Marty trys!

An Avid Fisherman said...

I agree with Mr. Lyon. Martin Causer is always trying to help someone in the County when asked for his services. He is a good man. The Fish Commission is a joke. Wanting more money, for less trout & closing our hatcheries. Ridiculous!!! Our small towns do well in Fishing Season, & now they probably won't. Thank you Mr. Causer for fighting for this cause, at least!!

Mad Mike said...

Exercise your rights. If you feel disgusted that one more local employer is closing, a few more jobs are leaving, or the quality of a great Potter County pastime (fishing) will be adversely affected...than write a letter or multiple letters to your Representatives.

Anonymous said...

I think he's a pandering photo hound. It's his job to do things for his constituents; he's paid a lot of money for that. He may be a "good man" but he's still a politician and ALL of them put self-interest first. The rural areas continually take it on the chin from the commonwealth; look at school funding, funding for human service providers and agencies, and fish and game issues. Go ahead and praise the guy if you're inclined, but just look at the results and the impacts on rural communities. I've written letters, too, and that does no good. And trying to vote out imcumbents is like doing a root canal on yourself. Lots of pain involved, and it doesn't work too well.