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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Save Our Streams Initiates Petition To Minimize Chances Of Fracking Fluid Spills

Reduce The Risks! Require Operators to Recycle Frack Waste Water on-site!

Petition by  Save Our Streams PA
Please sign this petition and tell Pennsylvania officials you will no longer tolerate the elevated risks posed on the environment, roads and infrastructure during the unnecessary transportation of contaminated fluids. Pennsylvania should require unconventional gas well operators to recycle their waste water at the location where it is produced. This seem like such common sense reform!

Pennsylvania’s streams have suffered numerous impairments when produced fluid from unconventional shale gas wells spilled during transportation. It‘s not necessary for the Commonwealth to even tolerate these heightened risks when the technology is available to recycle (most) fluids at the well sites where the pollutants originate.

Maintaining and protecting the health of Pennsylvania’s water resources is vital to the economy. Officials need to recognize these risks and implement comprehensive regulations which would provide greater protection. Click here to SIGN PETITION


Anonymous said...

good thought unless you live by one of these wells

Mr Realistic said...

So let me get this straight. The trucks haul in fresh water from a creek or pond somewhere. They add chemicals to it and use it to inject into the well to frack the ground 5,000 feet down and release gas. The waste water which now includes minerals and possibly radioactive contaminants comes up to the surface and is contained in a tank or truck. Now we are asking them to have some sort of mobile equipment on site to recycle the waste water. No matter what you use to recycle the water whether on site or in a plant somewhere, you still need to contain the separated contaminants and dispose of them somewhere. Logic suggests that the best way to do this is to reinject them back into the ground where they originated, although they are now in a more concentrated form. Am i missing something here? No matter what happens, the crap still has to be disposed of.....

Anonymous said...

So maybe if they would frack WITHOUT harmful chemicals more people would be more favorable to this method of fracking .But they must be harmful because they are doing ALL they can do to not disclose what they are adding to there fracking mixture. so mr realistic maybe they should frack without the harmful "added" chemicals and it won't be an issue with what they need to do with it....hummmm

Mr Realistic said...

Poster 5:05.....That isn't the point at all! Even if they were able to just use plain water to do the fracking, when the flowback from the well comes back to the surface it is carrying whatever contaminants that it brought up from thousands of feet down including radioactive crap. On the other hand, what makes this such a different situation than farmers dumping thousands of gallons of concentrated manure in the streams or the sewer plants that pump water directly into the rivers if it is at "acceptable" limits. Apparently you need to educate yourself a little more on how hydrofracturing works....hummmm

Anonymous said...

I am all for fracking 6:57 BUT when a company has a violation there permit needs pulled no if and or buts about it they are done ! But if someone has clear clean(tested) well water and someone drills and now it's undrinkable who should fix(pay) for that ? the land owner that is allowing the drilling ? the company drilling ? why can't the contaminant's be de-contaminated somehow ?

Anonymous said...

why dont they make the gas workers and the companies that run the show be made to haul the water home with them and drink and use it? after all, we are told it is not harmful.

Anonymous said...

Don't know too many farmers who dump thousands of gallons of cocentrated manure into streams or sewer plants.....just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I work in the fracking industry .I haul sand into these naturl gas well.They do use the water that they pump back up into the next well.We call it dirty water .they transport it from well to well. there is very little if any contamunation.The have to put dikes around each contain by several layer of special matting that will not leak into the ground. They also chreck near by stream by testing them before and after each frack for several months to see if there is any contamination.

Anonymous said...

10:00:00 PM Finaly someone with cents explaning how safety the chemicols are handled... I feel beter now!