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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thompson: Three-Hundred Days Since House First Acted to Replace Sequestration

Thompson: Three-Hundred Days Since House First Acted to Replace Sequestration

Calls on President, Senate to Come to the Table, Enact Commonsense Deficit Reduction Measure

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Glenn 'GT' Thompson, R-Howard, today released the following statement regarding legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives to replace sequestration and calling on the Senate to take action before March 1, 2013, when the indiscriminate, across-the-board cuts go into effect.

"It has been almost 300 days since the House first acted to replace sequestration with targeted reforms that achieve an equivalent level of deficit reduction,” stated Rep. Thompson. “With just 3 days left until the sequester goes into effect, the Democrat-controlled Senate has still failed to pass a replacement bill and the President has offered neither a constructive plan forward nor the necessary leadership to prod the Senate into action.”

Thompson voted to support the Spending Reduction Act of 2012 (H.R. 6684), which passed the House in December 2012. Additionally, the House passed the Sequestration Replacement and Reconciliation Act in May 2012 (H.R. 6684), which Thompson also voted to support.

“The Obama Administration has warned sequestration will hurt the economy and our national security, with Pennsylvania bearing a significant brunt,” Rep. Thompson added. “I know my colleagues from the Keystone State on both sides of the aisle believe there is a smarter approach to reduce spending without disproportionately impacting our constituents. Unfortunately, until the Senate acts the nation remains on this predestined path.”


Anonymous said...

there you go thats why they make the big bucks! so instead of cutting the military why don't they cut there pay.. they don't seem to want to do anything but collect there pay. Sort of like Welfare

Anonymous said...

A lot of crap for one of the 435 US Reps that work just over 100 days last year. Time to clean the House.

Mr Realistic said...

Have some common sense people. There are 535 senators and republicans total that make on the average $174,000 per year. This totals around $93,000,000. Even if they didn't get paid at all for a year, this is a tiny drop in the bucket for fixing the $85 billion sequester. They simply need to do what they are getting paid to do and haven't done for years.....come up with a budget.

Anonymous said...

all the house does is pass bills they know will not pass the Senate or be signed into law. It's completely disengenuous for GT for make speeches like this believing he's done his job. The congress is full of nuts on both sides of the aisle. Our system is broken. GT must realize this by now.

Anonymous said...

GT, how come the only thing we hear from you is tooting your own horn and crying about the president? How about earning your OWN pay and giving us solutions or even ideas, instead of bitching about other people not doing anything?
We know the other guys aren't going to do anything, now do what you are paid to do.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if we want to talk facts and truth:

That bill was killed the moment the new congress was sworn in. The bill he is speaking of is of the last congress and no longer valid.

But nice of him to pass us a bold faced lie.

That's right, the guy you voted for here, showing his face like he shouldn't be ashamed of himself? He's lying right to your face, right now, and expects you to eat it up.

Now for some factual news regarding the sequestration, as was asked the Senate passed a bill, however today Boehner refused to allow it to come to vote (out of fear it might pass)

The bastards, all they have left are complete lies.

All because they are afraid someone might try to make their owners pay the taxes the rest of us have to.

I know many don't like Obama and some even have good reasons not to, but this GOP crop is the most dangerous foe this nation has faced this generation. Worse than terrorists? They are terrorists. They hold the work of the country hostage until their demands are met. They don't even allow votes if they don't think they'll go the way they want them to.

They will bring this nation to a grinding halt and hold the work of the Congress hostage until they get what they want.



Sure, both sides are bad. But one is much worse than the other.

In a time where we need action, only one group is standing fast on obstructionism. Only one group stands fast to allowing anything good to happen (OUT OF FEAR OBAMA MIGHT GET CREDIT FOR IT)

Glenn, you folks have cried wolf too many times. We've grown wise to it.



You'd rather everyone in this nation feel pain before you ever give Obama one inch, because you're scared to death another Republican will attack you for DOING WHAT IT IS YOUR JOB IS, TO COMPROMISE AND GET OUR NATIONS WORK DONE

Glenn, I hope if you read anything today, you read this:

You and your caucus have become obstructive and dishonest to the point of treason.

Politicians are inherently a detestable breed. But this GOP crop has absolutely no shame. The only people they care about are themselves and their owners.

Anonymous said...

boy 4:35 you must not sleep well at night.. that exhausted me just to read all of your comment...

Anonymous said...

Bravo, 4:35!!!
I'm a R and am sick to death of this scared/nonsense-spouting/hide-your-tail-kind of governing.
I will ALWAYS be a Republican, but I will not always vote for them.
I'm waiting for a new breed of R, a truly compassionate R who doesn't just talk the talk. Talk is cheap, actions speak much louder. Use your common sense, use a compassion for your fellow man, and lose the millionaires and religious nuts (Teabaggers) telling you what to do.
Ball up!!! Then, maybe, just maybe, I'll vote for a Republican

Anonymous said...

Right on 4;35!!!!!!!!