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Sunday, February 3, 2013

You've Been Fracked

xYou've Been Fracked


Anonymous said...

I think brain washing children is the lowest!

Anonymous said...

We really need to leave our kids out of our politics and let them just be kids. Shame on any and all adults of any politcal persuasion that embroil children in the arguments of our times. It's a cheap stunt, and doom on those who employ it.

Anonymous said...

Our children today see and hear way too much. Thanks to the news media and politicians who force it on the children. They have every right to express their feelings on a subject that is no dout very scary to them.

Anonymous said...

Its perfectly safe! Drink this water! Yum yum yum!

Anonymous said...

if we didn't drill for oil and gas you wouldn't have those instruments, sneakers etc.

Anonymous said...

They should turn off all of the natural gas lines into the state of New York and let them use clean "coal" fuel.

This is brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to be left with the mess after the fracking and gas is gone? The kids!! It's not political when you're living it, and the only politics in it is all the freakin money that's being fed to the politicians to look away while the drillers poison the water and those very kids you're trying to protect!!! If it's not about the money, why are they paying the pols so much? They boiught Corbutt a long time ago, and look at Bradford, tioga, Potter counties, look at the Allegany National Forest in McKean County. It's ruined! Ask the families with bad water that started when the drillers came, and ask them if their kids are affected.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yea of little FAITH...Why do you think GOD gave"US" these natural resources????Do some research there is enough gas/oil to last over 2000 YEARS in OUR COUNTRY...The water has been getting contaminated for many years it didn't just happen with fracking. We should be working on cleaning the water up and getting our COUNTRY free of foreign oil...The look on these KIDS faces tells it ALL...This is a form of CHILD Abuse!!!

Anonymous said...

You should've paid better attention in science class, god didn't give us this gas, the dinosaurs wgo died along with the plant life at the time 'gave' us the gas. Also, if it's a gift, why do we pay so freakin much for it?
Do some research? How about the research that shows that fossil fuels pollute the hell out of the air, ground and water? How about the research that shows the chemicals they're injecting into the ground cause cancer? How about the research that shows that the more money that is given to the politicians, the easier it is for the drillers to rape the environment and the citizens of Appalacia (that's you and me and everyone who lives here)?
Get your god out of the picture for a change, and open your eyes to what's going on around you. Using children to protest pollution is the furthest thing from child abuse there is. What god did give us solar power, which if we had listened to the 'hippies' in the 60s and 70s, would be THE preferred method of energy development now, generating a miniscule amount of pollution, totally renewable, and free for all of us.
The term 'redneck retard' springs to mind when dealing with the bible thumpers on here who claim their 'god' is providing the gas companies and drillers with a 'divine right' to rape and pillage the environment in the name of the almighty dollar. In fact, it seems to me THAT is your god..... the dollar bill. What difference does it make WHO produces the fossil fuels? It all goes into the environment, the air we ALL breathe, and causes the health problems we ALL will face someday. Even if the gas lasts 2000 years (which is a huge lie), what about after that? Right, you don't care. You'll be sitting with your god AND TO HELL WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ELSE. THAT'S A TRUE CHRISTIAN FOR YOU RIGHT THERE.

Anonymous said...

February 4, 2013 at 10:34:00 AM
We don't have 2000 years...Polar ice caps are almost gone...even conservative scientists put us over the climate change cliff by 2045.

Tell Me Why said...

Why do we ship OUT almost as much oil as we import??? And now we're shipping out natural gas out of the country like no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Feb 4 11:17 Cause obuma says so !!! It's called a global economy!!!