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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Author/Pastor Rick Warren's Son Has Died

Rick Warren's Son Takes Own Life After Lifelong Battle With Mental Illness

The 27-year-old son of Pastor Rick Warren has taken his own life after a lifelong struggle with mental illness.

Pastor Warren, 59, author of the Purpose Driven Life, which is the best-selling hardback non-fiction book in history and the second most-translated book in the world, after the Bible
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tina m. smith said...

So very sorry for Pastor Warren's loss, and so sad for that young man suffered, and wasn't able to find the treatment he needed. My hope is that some day mental illness will be looked at as just that, an illness. It's not a choice, or something to be made fun of. Mental Illness is real, and life altering. God Bless Pastor Warren, and his family. God has that young man in his hands now, and he is finally at peace.

joesph collins said...

very sorry for your loss pastor warren and family

Carolyn Bass said...

Im. Praying. For. Your. Family. May. God. Hold. U. Close. To. His. Heart. Right. Now. Pastor. Rick

Angie Batey said...

He is in Heaven. Don't care what anyone else says. Suicide is not a sin. What is so sad is the suffering he must have endured. God bless his soul.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ya Angie, suicide is not a sin, my heart goes out to this family, I read his book, "Purpose Driven Life.
I agree also with 6:58, mental illness needs mot to be taken lightly & pray they find a cure!
A terrible disease to have to live with, I pray the Lord with give this family peace & that they will pursue this cause!

Anonymous said...

Being the mother of a daughter who is chronically depressed, I can only imagine the pain that Rick and his wife must be suffering. It is so automatic to question yourself--wondering if there was anything you should have done differently. I know that they were the best parents any kid could have. My prayers are with them to trust God for what they cannot understand. Something good can come from this tragedy, I know.

Anonymous said...

So suicide is not a sin as long as its done by a pastors son. Got it only follow the bible if it suits you. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

11:08 Get a Life. This is not a time to be spewing your rot. Nobody is suggesting that suicide is not a sin only for a pastor's son. All you prove by your caustic remarks is how dense you are. You twist what is said to suit our own black view of anything associated with faith. So go ahead. We who believe will have all of eternity to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Yes 11:08 Get a life suicide is not a sin to anyone that takes his or her life., NOT just A Pastor's son and/or christians!
Maybe you aought to read the Bible & follow as you called us so-called Hypocrites!
Jesus died for you as well as others
Jesus loves you as well as others

Anonymous said...

At least he won the battle ...

Anonymous said...

suicide is a sin. it's a horrible selfish act that leaves a number of victims.

whether someone goes to heaven or hell afterward is something only God can answer.

what I know is - murder is sin. murdering yourself is sin too.

Anonymous said...

So what they are saying April 7 11:08 is all sins are forgivable in gods eyes except the sin of blasphemy. Convenient for them isn't it? Even the pedophile priests get to go to heaven if they say sorry to god. But those of us who reject their belief well we go to hell. Again convenient for them don't you think? The only ones condemned to hell are the ones who disagree with them. Good thing we don't believe in hell. Otherwise we might be scared. As to the boys suicide well its a shame of course. And my heart goes out to the family.