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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Times of Olean is scheduled to open in July of 2013,

Good Times of Olean 
is scheduled to open in July of 2013, and is what many are calling one of the most exciting facilities to have ever opened in the area.

Good Times of Olean will feature three new restaurants, an event center, bowling alley, gaming room, miniature golf course, pool tables, darts, card tables, outdoor sand volleyball courts, batting cages for baseball and softball, an enormous outdoor patio on the first and second floors, and plenty of space outdoors for additional events and activities.

Our goal is to make this the absolute best entertainment, recreation and dining facility in the Twin Tiers. Our focus is providing a quality, safe, clean and entertaining environment to anyone who visits. We look forward to sharing our passion for fun with the community when they visit us at Good Times of Olean!

Key Points:

 This facility is designed for all age groups and types of people. Senior citizens, children, business professionals, students, parents, etc. We will have activities that everyone in the family and office can enjoy.
 Alcohol will be served at Good Times of Olean. Hammer Back Bar & Grill and The Point will be home to the main bar areas. However, there will be some areas in Good Times of Olean that alcohol will not be permitted. For example: the gaming room and other areas that children and minors will be the target for activities will not allow alcohol.
 Good Times of Olean will hold a 1,400 person event center/multi-purpose room which will be available for community events, indoor activities like kickball and volleyball during the winter, school proms, wedding receptions, wellness fairs, expos, concerts and more. The possibilities for this space are endless! Seating in the event center is 500 people.
 Good Times of Olean will also be home to a state of the art 16 lane bowling alley. Leagues will be starting in the fall for multiple teams, however be assured that we will keep plenty of lanes available for open bowl. We understand that leagues are
very important to a bowling alley, but we want to ensure that families and community members will have lanes available for them also.
 Additional leagues you can expect to see at Good Times of Olean include Beach Volleyball, Darts, Can Jam, as well as other recreational sports. Card tournaments (like Eucre, etc) will also be held.
 The total cost for the facility is currently around $7 million, not $5.7 million
 Owners are West Long and Todd Scott, both from Portville, NY.
Restaurant Information: Good Times of Olean will be home to a new steak and seafood restaurant called “The Point” as well as a new bar and grill called “Hammer Back Bar & Grill,” and will also have a made-to-order restaurant called the “Snak Shak”.
 The Point- Seats 144 people and an additional 18 at the bar. The Point will be a family friendly restaurant but is still upscale. However, The Point is designed to not turn off customers who want to wear jeans and a t-shirt to lunch or dinner.
 Hammer Back Bar & Grill- Seats 88 people and can hold 31 stools at the bar. Here is where you’ll be able to watch the game, hang out, in a very casual dining atmosphere.
 Snak Shak- Will have made to order food items like pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, ice cream, etc and customers will be able to order not only from inside of Good Times, but also from outside the building. Need a quick lunch or don’t want to disrupt your softball game? The Snak Shak is the place for you!

Additional Information:
 Good Times of Olean’s gaming room is will feature games like Ski Ball, Dance Games, Fishing games, and more. The focus will be on games that get people moving! Typical video games won’t be found here. We want to get people up and moving while having a good time!
 Good Times of Olean is restoring the 18 hole miniature golf that was originally found at Forness Park. This is a phenomenal course that we guarantee the community will enjoy playing on again.
 There will be 4 outdoor beach volleyball courts at Good Times of Olean. Leagues will be able to play on these courts, and of course they’ll be open to the public as well.
 Good Times of Olean sits on almost 10 acres of land, so there will be plenty of space for outdoor activities at the facility.
 Good Times of Olean is also putting in 6 new Batting Cages that will give customers the option of practicing with baseballs or softballs.
Size Information:
 Good Times of Olean is a little over 40,000 square foot facility.
 The Point = 2,600 Sq. feet
 Bowling alley = 11,200 Sq. feet
 Hammer Back Bar & Grill = 2,700 Sq. feet
 Event Center = 8,200 Sq. feet
 Snak Shak seating area = 600 Sq. feet
 Gaming Room = 1,800 Sq. feet
 Second floor/Rec room = 1,900 Sq. feet
 Main kitchen = 1,600 Sq. feet
For additional information:
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Anonymous said...

Where in the Olean area is this located? Sounds like an awesome place!!!

Anonymous said...

It is near Bradner's Stadium, at the softball entrance of Forness Park on East State St. It is big, you can't miss it.

Anonymous said...

This place sounds great

Anonymous said...

This area was always one of my favorites. We go every year to sit by the lake and watch the fireworks. So excited to see this transformation!!!

Anonymous said...

Who do you call to get on a team for bowling?

Anonymous said...

now why cant coudersport pa have something like this for are kids in town it will bring in the money

Mr Realistic said...

Why are you dimwits so obsessed with building things in Coudersport and supporting the finances of Coudersport? The town does not have the population and the infrastructure to support something like this. Heck...nobody can even manage a gameroom, pool hall, or bowling alley in town. Just buck up campers and make the drive to Olean where there are actually decent places to eat after 6pm and 7 days a week and other things to do.

Anonymous said...

Dead on the money Mr Realistic!

Anonymous said...

Mr Realistic obviously has an ax to grind and hates the world. Had the other poster said Roulette, Austin or Port I'm sure Mr Realistic would be either supportive or we'd hear nothing from him. Unfortunately, that wasnt the case. Question is why can't ANY town have something like that scaled properly to the population. Meanwhile Mr Realistic will be sitting ih his trailer, surfing the internet, blogging and complaining about everything he can. Been a slow few months for Mr Realistic with wind mill and fracking arguments dying down, so a wonderful new business in the Olean community and a harmless comment from a reader about having a facility like that in our midst was just what he needed to get back on track in being a miserable SOB.

Glad you're back Mr Realistic, I/we had nearly forgotten how narrow minded and negative some of our fellow neighbors are here in the area.

Anonymous said...

Post11:06. Exactly!! The good ole day's of Alelphia & population no longer, (unfortunently), exist. And more than likely ,spare a miracle, never will again. Get over it already! You couldn't even keep the Pennys Store open!

Anonymous said...

Monday, May 20, 2013 at 8:48:00 AM EDT you are so right the ? was why cant coudersport have something like this :)
why ship are money out of town look how bad the olean mall got so is the new building going to be like the mall.fine for about a year then look like hell after words i for one would like to have something like this in are town

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, but Mr. Realistic is BEING realistic!!! Not enough population for a big buildng with lots to do in it to exist in Coudy, Galeton, Shinglehouse, Port, NoPo, Emporium, or Austin. They are for the BIGGER cities. I suggest just drive there(50 min.) & enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Realistic is just afraid that are small stores will lose money

Anonymous said...

but they can put zitomedia in a big building

Anonymous said...

Most of these comment posters should just shut up. Learn the difference of our and are.