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Monday, June 17, 2013

Four Potter County bridges named in honor of area veterans

Causer Bill Honoring Potter County Veterans Heads to Governor’s Desk

HARRISBURG – Four Potter County bridges will be named in honor of area veterans under a bill approved by the House and headed to the governor’s desk, said Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint), prime sponsor of the bill.

Under House Bill 293, the bridge carrying State Route 49 over the Cowanesque River in Harrison Valley is designated the Specialist Kenneth Wayne Lampman Sr. Memorial Bridge. The bridge carrying State Route 44 over the Oswayo Creek in Shinglehouse Borough is named the Specialist Gerald Duane Stonemetz Memorial Bridge. The bridge carrying State Route 1022 over Pine Creek in Galeton Borough is designated the Specialist Clark Robert Douglas Memorial Bridge. The bridge carrying State Route 49 over the Cowanesque River in Harrison Township is named the Private First Class Berwyn Gaylord Cole Memorial Bridge.

“These men made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and it is important that we remember their service,” Causer said. “Naming these bridges in their honor will serve as a reminder to all of us to pay tribute to these veterans and to everyone who has served or is continuing to serve our country.”

Lampman, a resident of Harrison Valley, served the U.S. Army as an aircraft maintenance mechanic with the 1st Cavalry Division. He was killed on March 5, 1967, when his helicopter crashed in Vietnam. He was 21 years old.

Stonemetz of Shinglehouse served in the U.S. Army and died in a vehicle crash in Vietnam on Jan. 8, 1969, at the age of 21. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, the National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon and Marksman Badge with rifle bar.

Douglas of Galeton was a U.S. Army medic with the 1st Air Calvary Division Charlie Company. He was killed while administering aid to a wounded soldier on Nov. 11, 1969, and posthumously was presented with the Distinguished Service Cross. He was 21 years old.

Cole, a resident of Elmer in Harrison Township, was drafted into the U.S. Army and was killed in action at the Battle of the Bulge on Dec. 21, 1944, at the age of 19.

Causer previously authored legislation, signed into law last year, making additional bridge designations in honor of the county’s Vietnam veterans. Under the law, the bridge carrying State Route 607 over Freeman Run in Austin Borough was designated as the Captain Edgar E. Nuschke Memorial Bridge, and the bridge carrying State Route 872 over the east fork of Sinnemahoning Creek in Wharton Township was named the Private First Class Edward Ritsick Memorial Bridge.

Once signed by the governor, the law takes effect in 60 days.


Anonymous said...

well... that's fine, and although i don't personally know the namesakes of these bridges, i'm sure they are very deserving.

maybe now Causer can write a bill that would provide better VA services, perhaps a couple more VA clinics and more available mental health care for our vets? it seems like that would be a pretty solid way to appreciate our vets.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rep. Causer can write a bill that states when a 100 percent service connected vet. calls the National VA Help line to find out which VA. Hospital to go to for treatment of Depression the local cops wont smash in the door Taze him and Kick the crap out of him. If he cant muster that up maybe have it investigated. That may be a way of honoring Vets.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Tim. You have a personal ax to grind and it is pathetic to see you continually grinding it through such far afield comments on topics which are reported here.

Anonymous said...

Good grief I know Tim very well. Its sad your officers lie like hell and the county doesn't hold them accountable. What is your definition of a stand off. Tim has left Coudersport and from what I understand could give a rats ass about Coudersport anymore. Tim does have friends here that are aware of the BS this county pulled on him. This County should be ashamed of itself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a case for the supreme court to hear.Our vets are so called heros to our government when they're fighting abroad.When they get back home they immediately go from heros to enemy #1.Nothing but a big nuisance for our government.Thats the real thanks they get!

Tim Cole said...

Tim Cole says

I just got a call from a friend up in Coudersport who asked me to take a look at these posts. 1:36 PM I assure you that I am painfully aware that I am pathetic in many many ways. This one is not on me. I am also too well informed to expect anyone in Gov. to hold any Gov. employee accountable for any laws, regulations, codes ect...broken. The local Gov agencys will look out for thier own. I am also aware that local officals have been made aware of the struggles I experianced with a few Gov, employees in Coudersport as well as the county and have full confadence they have and will do what is in thier power to address what they feel they can. I have Fond memories of growing up in Coudersport. I am aware of the social and economic issues the area has been struggling with and wish you all the best. Sorry guys this post is not on me.


Anonymous said...

What's pathetic is the standards Potter county Gov. has been reduced to.

Anonymous said...

9:12 we don't support our troops by actually supporting them

We do it with stupid yellow ribbon magnets and other meaningless gestures.

We sent them overseas with no armor, no plan and a strict policy of "no photographing the dozens of coffins our lies and shitty b.s. war have created"

After (well, let's be honest, DURING, these wars won't ever end) the longest war in our nations history they came home to a VA that *surprise* was totally not prepared for all these combat vets needing help (who could have imagined they'd come back messed up? It was supposed to be a cake walk, right?)

Republicans support our troops about the same way that a salesman supports his product.

It's all sunshine and rainbows in the sales pitch... But once the sale is finalized it's nothing but empty gestures, meaningless words and unanswered phone calls.

You named some bridges? Wow.

Don't sprain your wrist patting yourself on the back there Causer.