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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Call on Mylan Pharmaceuticals to Reduce Price of Life-Saving EpiPen

Petition by Kristy L.
Boston, Massachusetts

Sign Kristy’s petition

EpiPen prices recently skyrocketed 500%, from $100 per 2 pack to $600 per 2 pack. Even with the "coupons" from Mylan, individuals and families who need this critical, life-saving drug are still stuck footing most of the bill. An EpiPen can mean the difference between life and death for children, men, and women who are afflicted with life-threatening allergies. Some of the typical uses for EpiPen include bee stings, peanut allergies, shellfish allergies, bug bites, and other medical issues which are crisis situations and require immediate action.

Mylan holds a monopoly over the EpiPen product, and thus is able to hike up their prices to whatever standard they prefer. They think there will be no pushback, or if there is, it will be manageable. The "outrage" will die down soon enough. Until someone who can't afford to buy an EpiPen dies instead. Don't let this happen.

Research shows that 1 in 50 Americans has a life-threatening condition that requires them to carry an EpiPen to prevent them from going into Anaphylactic shock. This means that a child could accidentally ingest a food toxic to their systems, such as peanuts, and enter a state which for many, can prove fatal. Something as small as a peanut can kill a child. That is what the EpiPen injectible is supposed to help prevent: death. 

A woman working in her garden who is stung by a bee but is severely allergic depends on her EpiPen to keep her airway from swelling shut before the ambulance arrives. Know anyone with asthma? Chances are you do, and you know that an asthma attack can be deadly. On average, it takes about 6 minutes for emergency crews to arrive on scene after receiving a crisis call. With allergic reactions especially, seconds count, and the EpiPen has helped save thousands of lives.

As a teacher, I know many of my students have severe allergies, and they depend on the EpiPen to help keep them safe. When I heard of this 500% price hike of an essential medication, I was appalled. The Huffington Post has more statistics and problems with Mylan Pharmaceuticals and their EpiPen price-hike here:

Take a moment and think about your family members, loved ones, friends, coworkers, students-- if you know anyone who depends on an EpiPen to survive, send a message to Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, that her company's price gouging of an essential, life-saving medication is unacceptable and must be reversed immediately. They know people need this medication and are exploiting that to make money-- don't let it happen. Speak up!

Sign Kristy’s petition


Anonymous said...

Legal extortion

Anonymous said...

Mylan blames it on "high deductible insurance plans". Not sure where, why how they came up with that excuse. I guess probably to justify their greed and put the blame on someone else! At the same time the CEO received a large pay increase. This is why we need a single payer health care system. In this country, like paying taxes, health care is not a privilege, IT'S A RIGHT! NO-ONE IN THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE WITHOUT HEALTH CARE OR DIE BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY!! Somebody gets hurt through no fault of their own. They lose their job, their health care, their home and possibly their life because they don't have the money. Or their children go without health care because a parent got hurt. In this country, that is wrong on so many accounts. Our country should take care of ALL of their own citizens before sending money to third world countries or elsewhere. It can and does happen.

Anonymous said...

most people don't want to admit it but most of this is from the failing Obama care freebee give away.

Anonymous said...

Illegals get free medical, housing, food debit cards, and money to start
a business(with no credit check or proven business experience). Also some
states provide free college education for illegals(California is one).

We can't afford these for citizens after taking care of the illegals.

Anonymous said...

That's Obama's America, and some people want to elect Hillary to continue it on---check your heads people!

Anonymous said...

11:44 that's exactly why This Country DOES NOT NEED HILLARY CLINTON for the next PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe it was the Republican Congress that removed pharma oversight from the health care legislation and has nothing to do with Obama care.