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Friday, August 26, 2016

Cole's Wellness Center welcomes new massage therapist

Allison Lathrop- Cole Mem
The Coudersport Wellness Center at Cole Memorial added a new licensed massage therapist to its team. Allison Lathrop (pictured) graduated from the Great Lakes Institute of Technology in Erie, Pennsylvania with a diploma in massage therapy.

Allison credits her godfather, a chiropractor, for inspiring her to pursue this field of helping others through therapeutic massage.

Massage has been shown to have a range of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to easing migraines. Research has demonstrated that massage may help relieve pain from injuries or diseases such as cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia and Parkinson's disease. Massage can also help lower stress, which is beneficial for overall health.

In addition to providing traditional services such as Swedish massage, Allison offers deep tissue, hot stone, shiatsu and sports massage for all ages in the Coudersport Wellness Center’s newly renovated massage room.

Massage costs: $10 for 10 minutes, $35 for 25 minutes, $45 for one hour or $45 for a 45-minute hot stone massage. To schedule an appointment, call the Wellness Center at Cole Memorial at 814-274-5353.


Louise said...

Is this covered by Medicare?

Anonymous said...

@11:45 am -- No. It is considered a luxury like the cell phones, cigarettes, pop, and everything else that working people pay for so those who don't work can enjoy them. If you want a massage, pay for it.

Anonymous said...

GEeezzz 12:48, that was a little harsh , wasn't it? (By the way, you forgot to mention alcohol on your list.)

Anonymous said...

Some people are just down right mean!
All the person wanted to know if it was covered by Medicare! It possibly could be if you have medical issues, you'll have to call them & find out if it's covered or not, oops! Forgot to mention drugs too ! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of Nasty ppl, you ask a question & get your head bit off, for goodness sakes, "BE NICE"

Anonymous said...

Just because this person asked about medicare doesn't mean they didn't work and earn the Medicare benefits! That has nothing to do with anything. Also Medicare isn't free either you pay a monthly amount from you SS check and then have to have more than one supplement, which are costly also. It isn't a free ride by any means and this person probably earned it with a good many years of hard work. Give this older person a break and if she can get it covered, all the better!

Anonymous said...

Medicaid will pay!

Anonymous said...

I found this article interesting. I had no idea that you could get a degree in massage therapy or that the service was taught in such a college. Thanks for the information, you can learn something new every day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much 10:19, Some ppl just have to be down right nasty & always assume instead of knowing the facts!!!

Unpublished said...

Message therapy is a diploma program. Not a degree. Means you pay them alot of money for tuition and books, then pay the state for licensure.

Anonymous said...

11.00, I re read the ax and you are correct. This makes more sense, being a diploma, rather than a degree. Thanks for the info, guess I need to read, and comprehend a little better.