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Really Rural

Friday, August 19, 2016

Coudersport School Superintendent Resigns To Take Galeton Superintendent Job

Coudy superintendent filling Galeton slot

Potter Leader-Enterprise

Alanna Huck was hired by the Galeton Board to serve as superintendent at the board’s meeting Monday, Aug. 15. The same night, Huck resigned as superintendent at Coudersport’s School Board meeting. She held the position for six years, and was employed by the district for the last 17.

“I really want to thank the community, the teachers and the school. I have absolutely nothing negative to say. I just had the opportunity to take my career in a different direction,” Huck told the Potter Leader-Enterprise.

The hire comes after the resignation of Galeton’s superintendent, Dr. Brenda Freeman, who has accepted the position of superintendent of Wellsboro Area School District.

Read more in next week’s Potter Leader-Enterprise and Free Press-Courier.


Anonymous said...

I read about this already in the Endeavor. That story said she will get a starting salary of $110,000 plus benefits which I am guessing are worth another $35,000 or $40,000. When a cash-strapped school district pays $150,000 for one year of service from one employee no wonder they are broke and getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're so right, one way to get rid of the small schools

Anonymous said...

Flint made more than that back when he was a super in Port Allegheny and about the only thing he did was make our cheerleaders take down the dildine banner which is how Coudy ended up with it.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame her, go where the money is. Why not? She doesn't owe that school district anything.

Anonymous said...

I wish her the best, I never begrudge anyone wanting to make more $$$$$$$$$!

Skinny Bob said...

Cool...glad to hear that you don't have a problem with Obama giving himself a raise along with everyone in congress when they only work 133 days per year. Very few white collar workers care about doing a good job...but they always want more money.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can get a copy of her new contract. Just file a Right yo Know form with the Galeton School District. It's a very simple process. Her benefit package is more likely $50,000-80,000 over the life of the contract. Will she be living in Galeton!

Anonymous said...

the old principal in Austin made a pile of money too but she is no longer there because she really rode the other staff to hard

Anonymous said...

This is not a high salary when measured against the rest of the US. The region needs to get up to date on their thinking. The area is reeking in poverty and small thinking.

Anonymous said...

Why does every school need a superintendant? By the definition of the word it seems that one super per district or county would be sufficient.

Anonymous said...

I would like to respond to the idea of a county Superintendent.........that idea is a very good one........maybe Mrs. Huck also thinks so and she will move our Potter County in that direction and take some of the financial burden off our small rural schools

Anonymous said...

Having the responsibility for the safety, welfare and education of every single student as well as the HR responsibility with faculty and staff must be a heavy load, particularly in rural areas where many schools don't have a lot of administrative support staff. I wouldn't want that responsibility for any amount of money.

hillbilly rob said...

Back in the 50's there was one superintendent for the 5 school districts and that was before computers. Having one for each school is a total ripoff for the taxpayer, but than what else is new. As for 10:46 00 apples to apples, not nation. This is a depressed area without high paying jobs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness 9:40 pm, you gave me a good laugh, made my day!!!!!!! I'm not from that area but word travels through the students!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering who the interim/future Superintendent will be. Not seeing the job posted on the Coudersport School website at this time.