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Monday, August 29, 2016

New Rules on Natural Gas Wastewater Will Hurt Local Communities, Thompson Says

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Rules Took Effect Aug. 29

Bellefonte, PA –U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (PA-5), in a letter sent Friday, Aug. 26, expressed concern about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Zero Discharge” rule, which is intended to prevent wastewater from unconventional oil and gas wells from being treated at publically-owned treatment facilities. In the letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Thompson joined with U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-3) to express concerns that the regulations, as written, would also affect the treatment of wastewater from traditional conventional oil and gas wells.

The lawmakers expressed concern over the definition of an “unconventional” oil and gas well, which are typically associated with the Marcellus and Utica Shale gas drilling industry. The rule lists a number of Appalachian basins subject to unconventional drilling, including the Devonian, Clinton-Medina and Tuscarora, which have also been produced through conventional oil and gas extraction means over the past several decades.

“In communities across Pennsylvania, water from conventional gas wells is treated at publically-owned facilities,” Thompson said. “Small towns and townships could miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars if the EPA doesn’t go back to the drawing board to clear up confusion over this rule.”

As evidence of the rule’s potential impact, Thompson and Kelly pointed to Ridgway, Elk County. Officials there estimated the borough would be denied approximately $630,000 per year should the final rule not be altered.

In writing to the EPA, Thompson and Kelly asked that the Agency provide clarity on this issue and that assurances be provided to publically-owned treatment facilities that they would bear “no additional costs” while a final rule is drafted. The letter also requests assurance that the rule would not impact wastewater derived through conventional drilling that is currently being treated through existing POTWs.


Tom, Dick and Hairy said...

Yes GT, that's what we need. To be careless with freshwater and let the fracking douches dump their completely useless and not to mention, destroys a million gallons of what we as humans require to drink on every well, into the already over stressed waste treatment facilities....... What an ignorant fool this guy is. I bet he has stock in one of the companies that is getting hit with these regulations. Crooked politicians. ALL of them. And before all you gas company suck ups want to ask "how do you heat your house and water blah, blah, blah," I run my entire house on solar (and the electric company pays me because I generate more than I use) and chop my own wood every winter so take your gas and suck on it. After all, only people who have been breathing that stuff for this long obviously wouldn't be able to comprehend common sense issues. "Oh they're using over 260 POISONOUS chemicals, which by the way once they are used with that 1,000,000 GALLONS of freshwater can NEVER be purified again, SURE!!!! Let's dump it wherever!!!! That couldn't hurt nothing!!!"

This area needs a reality check. Maybe when you realize we have one of the highest cancer rates in America then you'll realize that your priorities are screwed.

Anonymous said...

9.57I have continued, without success, to comment on this contamination every time a violation has occurred. I have been called several different names in the comment section after my input. I'm, as they say,a nut because my concerns are proven wrong in every Instance! I want to thank you for your timely input actually supporting my concerns and convictions. I know that you aren't aware that you are supplying this support, but I am grateful to know someone out there is as concerned about this outrageous policy, as I am. Money lines the pockets of politicians, land owners and anyone else who can be Bought! Someone, other than myself, has stepped up and finally, I feel some vindication on the posts I have made and belittled by these who won't even consider the travesty of this barbaric process. I intend to hang in there, because I care and I'm committed and convinced we in real danger, maybe someday, those who laugh at our opinions, will sadly come to realize that we might be right!

Anonymous said...

I to feel the same way with these comments.. I laugh when then say places are in a drought and we are to conserve water just so we have water. I just don't understand how they can continue to Frack..

Anonymous said...

They average 5 MILLION gallons of water per well (Marcellus). The water is useless garbage when they get done with it and they are looking for a place to get rid of it. Marty or GT will do EVERYTHING they can to help big gas out while watching other businesses close down and move out of the area.

Anonymous said...

9:57 I think you are lying, nobody "chops" their own wood anymore , they 'cut' it. And solar cannot be a sole supplier of electric in the north east. Also, I believe that you (9:57) and 11:03 are one in the same person just trying to support your ignorant point.

Anonymous said...

2.51, I find your rationalation that we are the ones who are ignorant almost amusing, if our attitudes are unfounded prove it or mind your own business. If you go back to Solomons Word, year 2011, the majority of humans in this area agreed with the opinion that this practice of fracking was a deadly operation. After all the cash began flowing to people like you and other political entities the opinion reverted to the oh how great this process and the people who practice this are. Money buys Anything! Oh by the way I am not the same person sending all these comments, I, for one have other things to do.