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Friday, August 12, 2016

Troopers Investigating Death Of Alpaca And Pig In Eulalia Township


Anonymous said...

That's just down-right cruel! I'm very sorry for your loss-even if only pets/farm animals! Why are people so ignorant that they feel they must do idiotic acts such as this? I'll never understand! Again so sorry and hoping police re able to catch the culprits!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a man. At what point does a coward such as this actually reach his lowest point in life? Prison will not be good to you.

Joe Dirt said...

So how do you know it was a man? Or did you just assume it was?

Anonymous said...

Could be it died of heat exhaustion, I've seen these animals, when i'm coming from Port to work in coudy, they have lots of wool yet. Hope the person who hit the pig is ok, and hope you have insurance, could be a lawsuit coming. How come nothing was printed when it happened.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think they would report it if it died of heat exhaustion? Gimme a break! Why does it need to be printed when it happened? I'm sure there were more important things going on. I wish I knew who the low-life was (male or female)who did it. How about saying I'm sorry that it happened and shoudn't have because they were on private property?

Anonymous said...

I think 10;49 has a point it says unknown how it Died, also when was the accident when the pig was hit that was not printed, should have been a police report. May be the pig got out on its own, why did some one have to do this, may be it's the owners own fault, I have friends and their farm stock get out by themselves, just sayin so don't be pouncing..

Anonymous said...

If I was a profiler ;), I would say that the culprit is a little man, possibly a ginger with a goatee, a Mama's boy, who has a history of violence towards women. When he doesn't get what he wants he resorts to the wanton killing of defenseless animals. The authorities better find and put this guy away before this perp further escalates his violent behavior.

Anonymous said...

This is down right cruel. I hope they catch whoever did this. Animals don't deserve this. Maybe the person who did this needs to in a mental institution. Hope they rot in hell and I highly doubt it was from the heat. Most farmers know how to take care of animals in temperatures like this.