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Friday, September 30, 2016

DEP (Partially) Responds to Public Herald report

DEP Responds to Public Herald Questions on North Hollow: No Statement Issued About Public Notification of BTEX

(Updated 9/29/16) Five days after this story published, Spadoni replied to questions from Public Herald that were left on his voicemail over a week ago:

The “hospital spring” is not a water source that is part of the hospital’s public water supply. The sources serving the Cole Memorial Hospital are two groundwater wells (South Well and North Well). The spring where MBAS and acetone were detected is not part of the public water supply system. The public water supply was not impacted.

The reference to BTEX detects in the Coudersport Well 1 refers to very low level detections (less than drinking water standards) of xylenes and ethylbenzene in a sample collected by JKLM on September 24, 2015. The department’s Safe Drinking Water Program, which has regulatory oversight of public water supply systems, sampled this water well on October 6, 2015 and did not detect these compounds. Additionally, the primary constituents of concern: isopropanol, acetone, and MBAS, were not detected in this water well. Therefore, DEP does not believe that this public water supply was impacted as a result of the JKLM release.

The department’s enforcement action regarding this incident is not yet final. Once it is finalized, a news release will be issued.

Spadoni's statements do not clarify why the Department chose not to notify the public about the BTEX test results at the Coudersport Water Well 1. Public Herald has responded to Spadoni's email about DEP's conflicting statements and actions regarding "impact," levels of BTEX, and to request all water test results for both Coudersport's and Charles Cole Memorial Hospital's water sources in order to verify the current status of those supplies.

Read Public Herald's full report »

Image: Water test result table comparing BTEX for public and private water supplies found in the North Hollow investigation. © Public Herald


Drill Baby Drill said...

Why don't you just give it up! You're making something out of a non existent problem. Your Public Herald is about like the National Enquirer, sensationalize and sttrreettcchh the truth to "make news". Do you really think that the DEP would sit idly by with known contaminants in public drinking water? Go listen to Trump and his conspiracy theories, instead of chasing a phantom issue. You fooled a few people to start with your "sky is falling" diatribe but the local populous isn't as gullible as you would like. They aren't going to donate so you can continue to seek out the truth in the name of public health. No matter how hard you try, the drilling and fracking industry is here to stay and will provide us with clean burning methane for decades to come. Unless they discover kryptonite in the air!

Anonymous said...

ok now get another sample from someone else..

Anonymous said...

Chemistry, environmental science and journalism are all professions. To pursue them responsibly (in the public interest) requires professional education. Pursuing them without the requisite professional education and training, objectivity and disinterest can create confusion, misperceptions and can potentially be akin to crusading rather than informing. If the shoe fits...

Anonymous said...

I read the long report that was posted on here several days ago by the Public Herald and it was full of innuendoes and editorializing. But it raised my concern that there was some kind of DEP coverup of Coudersport Boro water being polluted by the JKLM incident. I am glad DEP finally climbed out from under it's rocks and responded. Public Herald misled us (again) as part of their fight against the gas industry which is being masked as "reporting". I've had my fill of those two manipulating the public. I am not going to fall for it again.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see others questioning the "Public Herald" Accuracy and Motive, seems they have a self serving agenda.

Anonymous said...

Their agenda is making money by scaring people period !!!