Epiphany Allegheny's Water Treatment Process

Epiphany Allegheny's Water Treatment Process


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Thursday, September 29, 2016

DEP Reminds Pool Owners to Handle Waste Water Responsibly

Harrisburg, PA – In an effort to help protect stream health and aquatic life, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) would like to remind private and public pool owners, as well as pool management companies, how to properly close their swimming pools for the season.

Discharged pool water and waters containing chlorine or other chemicals can be detrimental to aquatic life if not handled responsibly. It is extremely important that these waters are handled correctly. Pool waters must not be discharged to any storm sewer or land in which a storm sewer is accessible. Runoff can cause fish kills and unsafe aquatic conditions.

“Pool owners and professional pool cleaners need to dispose of old water appropriately and conscientiously,” said Acting DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “Most of all, we need to make sure the wastewater is going into the sanitary sewer, where it may be allowed – and not into our storm sewers where it could harm aquatic life.”

When draining a swimming pool this year, make sure to protect Pennsylvania by following these tips:

• Pool water may be disposed of through the sanitary sewer system ONLY with municipal permission.
• Never dispose of pool water through a storm sewer, which will discharge to a stream.
• If lowering the water level of the pool, let it drain to a lawn to prevent it from running off into a storm sewer.
• If a sanitary sewer system is not available, water may be used for irrigation if it does not run off the property or into a storm sewer.

The discharge of swimming pool water to any waters of the commonwealth without a permit is a violation of the Clean Streams Law. Property owners and pool companies that violate this law may be prosecuted and penalized for damages.


Anonymous said...

It appears that there are more restrictions regarding pool water than the rules for drillers of natural gas (fracking), when it comes to disposal of contaminated water.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and that's the way it should be, since homeowners are not qualified professionals and have no idea how to dispose of or recycle waste water.
They could do some real damage from their ignorance. .

Anonymous said...

Until private pool owners start handing over large sums of cash to the DEP they will have to follow this regulation.

Anonymous said...

4.47 That's the way it should Be? No the regulations from Frasking should certainty be as strict as a personal Pool! The was really water from fracking is much more of a contamination concern because of the extent of carcinogens is far greater. There is no comparison when relevance is in human contamination versus waterways and the life supported by such streams. A human life is more worth while than a fish!

Anonymous said...

10:06 Please reread your post, maybe you can translate it into some comprehensible English? Yes, drillers DO know the law better than homeowners even though it is a moot point 30k gallons versus millions are two different scenarios in regards to disposal methods. Point being, don't dump chlorinated water into a storm sewer where it flows directly into a creek or river.

Anonymous said...

1.33 You can view the dictionary on line, at a library free of Charge! Or maybe you could buy one cheap. Do you understand?