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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

East Drug Task Force Makes Heroin Arrest

Andy Watson, District Attorney
On August 25, 2016, Coudersport Borough Chief of Police Curt McClain, who is also a member of the East Drug Task Force in Potter County, filed charges against Martin A. Howell of 1 Bridge St., Galeton, PA pertaining to the delivery of heroin to a Confidential Informant. 

Mr. Howell is charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Possession With Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility. 

The investigation and arrest resulted from a January 21, 2016 investigation by Drug Task Force Officers Bradley Buchholz, Bryan Phelps, and Curt McClain. 

The Drug Task Force Confidential Informant exchanged text messages and phone calls with Mr. Howell to arrange a purchase of eleven bags of heroin for $200.00. The Informant met Mr. Howell at 1 Bridge St. in Galeton and the two individuals traveled to Gaines in Tioga County. 

The Informant then returned to Galeton Borough and met with Drug Task Force Officers relinquishing the bags of heroin. The Informant advised that they had met Mr. Howell at 1 Bridge St. along with another white male who drove the Informant to Gaines. 

The Informant gave Mr. Howell the $200.00 and he went inside of a residence to purchase heroin. Mr. Howell then re-entered the vehicle and gave the Informant the bags of heroin and Mr. Howell kept one for himself, purportedly for acting as the middle man in the transaction.

This arrest represents another successful investigation by the East Drug Task Force, created by District Attorney Andy Watson in 2010. A special thanks is extended to the Drug Task Force Officers involved in the investigation and for their dedication in the ongoing efforts to battle the heroin epidemic.


Anonymous said...

Andy Watson doesn't do anything, he has his other little criminals play cops with him to get others caught while in return keeps his little "helpers" out of trouble even though they should be in jail on multiple accounts.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Andy Watson does or doesn't do, at least their catching these people that are selling "heroin"
and other drugs !

Anonymous said...

They don't care who they sell too, they buy from someone & they need to start from the top up but they're not going to squeeze where or who they bought from, it's just like a pyramid, thsee ppl have NO CLUE what they're getting themselves into, they don't even think they're going to die, once they get their first "shoot-up" they're done unless they run for "HELP" HEROIN IS NOTHING TO MESS WITH! IT KILLS !!!!

Anonymous said...

Elk county is the same, pick and choose who to bust and who to let walk.

Anonymous said...

They're called snitches, the ones who tell the most get away with the most

Anonymous said...

You people just don't get it. They are NOT catching the people who are selling it.

Just like the other poster said there are little "helpers" like this informant, but what you don't understand is that these little helpers create 10 new users for every so-called "seller" the cops are busting.

I know plenty of similar situations as this one I'll summarize in Coudersport: a woman in her 50s who has hooked at least 40 kids on prescription pills throughout the years continues to work for the police and nab a "heroin" dealer every few years. Her immediate family shares her informant benefits, they themselves hooking countless friends and others on Oxys, Vicodins, Suboxones and ultimately heroin. She has moved about from Coudersport to Shinglehouse to Galeton to Roulette and back around.

It's a freaking JOKE! to see these articles.

Anyone who is actually in the drug scene knows that. You barely catch 0.1% of the sellers and declare you're combating the problem when in fact you are compounding it as I've illustrated above.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much 6:27, & 5:52, agree with you both 100 %

Anonymous said...

If there were no demand there would be no need for supply. It may seem logical to go after the "big guys" but they would be obsolete if we could get users to stop using and keep prospective users from starting.

Anonymous said...

You can tell who the users are on here. Maybe you're the problem. How about you help and turn in some scum instead of beotch and complain? Put your welfare check to good use and help pay back society by cleaning up the community of these worthless scum!

Bet that generates some comments from the beotch and complainers. User loosers!

Anonymous said...

8:18, I'M not a drug user, never have pain, in fact, I don't take a drug,/ pill for anything, I'm 65 yrs old, still working, I'm definitely not a looser, you need to put a bridal over your tongue b/c you have no clue whose drug users bc they comment, my comment was 5:52, I lost a vety close family member from an O.D.It is very heart breaking, I know a lot of what goes on, these young people have no clue what they're getting into, some are innocent when they are clueless when they're partying & their food is laced with heroin, it takes only ONE time & these kids are hooked & "BIG DRUG LORD" gets away with it & he has the little "drug dealers working for him, are they going to squeeze ?? ABSOLUTELY NOT ! THEY'RE THREATENED !

Anonymous said...

so what about the dealer from gaines? hang his butt

Anonymous said...

I'm the 6:27 poster. I have a very good job and I do not use drugs thank you very much.

I am smart enough to recognize insanity when I see it though. You can scream all you want about losers and accuse people of this, that and other things, but it does no good as you can see the epidemic continues to grow. Clearly your methods of fighting this epidemic are not working.

I illustrated above how your approach to this problem is exacerbating it, so in reality you have a lot of nerve to accuse others of being the problem.

Allow me to shine some metaphorical light on your actual position 8:18:

You keep throwing lighter fluid on a fire trying to put it out. We're telling you it's spreading the fire and we should try something else. Your response is to accuse us of spreading the fire and not wanting to extinguish it.

Anonymous said...

You and your philosophy, are a joke.

Anonymous said...

These asshole users are intitled to free healthcare, disability income and many other benefits paid by tax money. I certainly do feel for the families that have lost loved ones but the truth is they all had a choice to use or not to use. The gov spends millions of dollars to these people but an alcoholic or an overweight person both have addictions that we as a society seem to ignore. They cant get any government help (money or medical) but die at a much higher rate than drug users. We all have to make choices and if you're willing to put drugs into your body you should be willing to deal with the effects without my tax money. And you know the risk so you may as well play Russian roulett with all 6 bullets in the revolver, its cheaper to bury you once than to take of you for life. And by the way i lost a family member to this drug so you can save the bleeding heart stuff.

Anonymous said...

TO: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 6:27:00 PM EDT

I know exactly who your talking about, that person shouldn't even be out of prison yet. She's caused so much chaos here, she even helped her son's pregnant girlfriend at the time shoot up. Yes, you'd think they'd go after the higher ups on the drug chain but they don't, it's to keep the revolving door open while getting convictions for their profolios & media exposure. It's a shame. Potter County ought to release data on how many baby's are born here drug addicted & then released to other drug addicted family members. It's disgusting. And mothers who give birth to drug addicted baby's should lose all parental rights. Why do we constantly cater & make excuses for addicts? Throw em in jail, at least the addiction will be dealt with. It's all turned into a money game, we now rehabs for everything from sex, mental health to drugs & alcohol. "oh I messed up, guess I'll go to a rehab" Most only go to get a lesser sentence or are court ordered, then come back out & do the same thing over. Rinse & repeat!

Anonymous said...

How "IRONIC" hmmmm...isn't this the brother to one of the "DEALERS" or whom dealt the Heroin in a case back in September?? My understanding is that it is!! Nothing was done with the DEALER then and in fact, that DEALER whom was released actually "OD" a few times after his release in February of this year..let's just keep using the tax payers money for the "Middle MEN" instead of going after the ones whom are bringing the crap...unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

7:07 I believe I know who you are referring to, but I'm actually referring to another woman who hasn't seen one minute of jail time ever.

This one has been at it since the early 90s.

And wouldn't you know it's these "parents" using RX pills with their children who are the first to cry victim when their kids overdose.

Anonymous said...

10:16 that's exactly what they're doing, getting the middle man instead of going right to the top to get the "BIG DOGS" IT'S A HORRIBLE, HEART BREAKING STORY TO SEE LITTLE BABIES BORN WITH DRUG ADDICTIONS !!!!

Anonymous said...

Obviously not given high enough bail since he's out partying. Where you know he's on probation or payroll. Must be probation doesn't come to Galeton much. More wasted dollars.