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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Former Coudersport Resident Talks To National Public Radio About KKK Fliers Found In Yards


Anonymous said...

This is nothing but media hype and race baiting. The elite and the PTB, are trying to turn our attention to this garbage so we stop focusing on them collapsing our economy, starting WWIII, and creating their NWO. Ignore it because it's all bs.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with post of 5:24. And, I apologize for being anonymous.
Those folks working in darkness with their distribution of material, incl lollipops, scare me. Shame on anyone targeting children......
Why not stand in the light to share your beliefs , and the need to recruit??? And please stick to ADULTS!!!!

No idea how many agree with white supremists, but the last thing i wish for this wonderful rural county , and everywhere, is groups formed for reasons of hate and prejudice.
You scare me more than several bear roaming in the dark.
I can shine a light and identify them.....

If you feel that hate , then do not be two faced about it.
Most folks i know welcome you to any church or civic group,to do positive things and be counted. The same folks work hard on jobs, volunteer ,and help raise funds for good causes.That is how I identify myself.
So i am one of those faces,proud what i can do, but no need to be named.

I keep praying some day prejudice will really b history, as life is too precious and short to have hatred of anyone.....what are you folks really scared of? Please think about it.

b-rad harrison said...

Until the authorities prove otherwise I will assume this is the work of a provocateur known who is known by many residents in this area. Could it be that this person likes to use Saul Alinsky type tactics and reveres the SPLC. The SPLC is right some of the time, just don't quote their numbers, I've seen how some were fabricated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 6:08. Don't count on them coming into the light of day, however!

Anonymous said...

If everyone would just ignore this crap it would go away. They just love it when everyone makes a big fuss. You are just giving them free publicity.

Anonymous said...

They just did the same in wilkes-barre ,luzerne county a few days ago . if they come in your property shoot them , very simple

Anonymous said...

Thank you from 6:08, to 7:52 pm post.
Appreciate it, and agree you are probably correct. I know 9:02 post is correct to a point, but nice to share here with those concerns.
Going to pray the group in this area remains a very small one.
May no negative headlines come from here. I wish everyone well.
Time to close up . Blessings and God's peace to all.
There is a beautiful starry night out there, and cool air.
Oh, the simple blessings are the best.

Anonymous said...

AMEN 9:02 PM !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

6.08-----What am I scared Of? A lot of things, the future of my Grandchildren, the economy, terroristso, etc. But I also scared of what is going to happen when the rally group against the freedom of other people's rights is going to create another hate group. The rally against the members of the hate group is helping to give these people the press they want. I feel creating a showdown will end in a tragic situation of neighbor against neighbor, and civil unrest. We all have a lot to be afraid of why create an atmosphere dedicated to shutting someone else and their opinions. We will never agree, ever about religion, rights of different views concerning politics or any other subject where there is a position to disagree.

Anonymous said...

The KKK sounds a lot like the liberals in this area ! But come to think of it the KKK was started by democrats !

Anonymous said...

Do not lose faith, 10:49 post. This is 6:08 pm , yet again, but sorry will be last one at least today.
Remember that faith, and know many who feel as you and I do, will see all of us through this challenge. And take heart recalling that the group who stood tall and proud with their Positive signs in Ulysses that day made a real difference, Police were ready ,but thankfully their presence was enough.

Most important to me is knowing that we are far from alone.
And i think especially for those involved in school, know that students share with their parents and others. Everyone knows it is very small percentage of students who have parents supporting hate groups. Yes, it is their right to gather , just as ours to feel so different. Surely they all need our prayers, and may those young people grow to make decisions that by what they see and feel from community support.

SURELY most of us could gather and make a huge statement, and never need to look past our communities to get more support for our beliefs .But so thankful that support is out there, across this great land we call home - USA !!! And we are all free to gather and perhaps learn that smiles and positive actions are so welcome , by most.

Sorry 8:01, if you must show distaste for those you label...liberal.
Start with all the positives , please, as we are all here a short time and surely prefer peace, over division by political labels.
May we all find a way , with open minds and no weapons or masks, to keep American strong.
I could sign with many labels.....example: age, sex, political party , local or by choice, race, family size, community causes,etc. Just sad to feel better being nameless here, but do not doubt a single word i write, Too long, perhaps but honest and from the heart.

Thank you Mr Jones, for offering this place to share for all.
So glad for what we learn here,good causes to support, where prayers are needed and where we can cheer all the positive we read.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is needed when the opinion is outside that of the majority
or contrary to those in positions of power and authority.

Anonymous said...

Um...have you ever MET a modern-day liberal? They're the party for equality and acceptance for all. They're the ones who have started Potter County's group AGAINST the KKK. You also realize that the anti-black Democrats of the 1860s bear almost resemblance to those of today? It's like, same name, opposite values. Don't use skewed historical facts to further your own political agenda for your racist candidate.