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Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Morning Insights, A Ministry Of Coudersport Alliance Church


Anonymous said...

JIM & CINDY,, I think it's a real shame you couldn't honor 9/11 yesterday. With a cover picture, instead of leaving the ducks, i'm sorry its a shame you couldn't think about 15 years ago and show some respect....... So if you do it today your a little LATE...

Solomon's words for the wise said...

We agree! It is a shame that Google Blogger, the platform we have used since 2007 to bring Solomon's words to you, has ignored their users pleas to fix the editor for the cover picture and associated wording. They screwed it up over a week ago and despite numerous complaints have not corrected the problem. Overall this has been a wonderful platform to work with with hardly any downtime and maintenance required, so hopefully they will find someone in their organization that is capable of fixing this glitch in their layout editor. We posted a 911 picture in the news column, but as you know they scroll off the page in a day or so. Thanks for your concern.

Anonymous said...

7:59, I disagree with some of the content on this blog. I would like to see more Mckean county news, and I sometimes suspect that the blog owners have political views that lean further to left than mine. HOWEVER, this is not my blog, and I respect the owners' right to publish the content they feel is important, and appreciate the service they provide. They should not have to defend themselves for omitting content you think is important. If you want to memorialize the 9/11 event each year you should start your own blog. And be sure to buy more Chinese-made "Support Our Troops" magnetic ribbons for your car!

Anonymous said...

Don`t change a thing Jim. You do a good job and no matter what some people will complain.

Anonymous said...

You will "NEVER" please everybody so Jim & Cynthia you just do what you's are doing & most definitely keep turning the other cheek, 7×7 Xs!!!!!!! There is always complainers, critical, judgmentAL people! God bless you's & "THANK YOUS" for all you's do, I know the hrs you put into doing this !

Anonymous said...

Jim & Cindy,, you do a fantastic, job here I don't think people know you do not do the format, I agree some respect should have been made to 9/11 15 long years have passed since we all watched on tv this horrid thing that happened to our nation, some lost family, friends, husbands, sons, fathers, brothers, sisters, you name it, as for 10:21 I think your comment was very rude, and uncalled for. your the one who must not be AMERICAN Jim thank you for your interest, in our world