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Friday, September 30, 2016

Pennsylvania Hunter’s Rally

For 16 years the Pennsylvania Game Commission has closed its mind to pleas from hunters to change its deer management program. We, the hunters of Pennsylvania, now have the opportunity to have the state legislature pass HB2083 and change our deer management program back to something very similar to what it was prior to this current deer management plan. If this bill passes, both PGC and DCNR will need to abide by the wording in the bill to manage the deer population and do habitat enhancement programs on State Game Lands and State Forest Lands.

In January 2016, the PGC, at a legislative hearing in Harrisburg, refused to corporate with a new conservation and multiple-use natural resource management bill. The commission stated that it refused to accept the precepts of the reformed legislation, that their program was second to none in the country, that most sportsmen agreed with the deer program, and that the agency will not change the program.

An intensive 72 hour survey of sportsmen’s organizations and outdoor industry businesses to determine which side they favored - deer management reform or PGC status quo. The results were shocking. Of 110 contacts, 109 were in favor of deer management reform. The 72-hour survey identified organizations representing about 700,000 members who wish for reform, and the report represents only a microcosm of the thousands of businesses and hundreds-of-thousands of sportsmen who hope and pray for deer management reform.

HB2083 is now in the Harrisburg legislature and we, the hunters of Pennsylvania, need to show them that we demand change now and not let this opportunity slip away. Over all these years, hunters have been complaining about this deer management plan, but we have never had a rally of Pennsylvania hunters to show our opposition. Now is your chance to step forward and join what we hope to be an “ARMY” of hunters to come out on Sunday, October 16th and show your support. Is it too much to ask for you to drive maybe 2 hours to get our deer hunting back again? Call your hunting buddies, friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow workers, fill your vehicles, form a caravan and travel to Lock Haven. Lets show the PGC and the State Legislature that we have had enough.

Let’s get Pennsylvania really back to being one of the best states for hunting whitetail deer. Let’s all do our part and we can “MAKE HUNTING IN PENNSYLVANIA GREAT AGAIN”.


Anonymous said...

Which hunter is going to rally? Can it really be a rally if there is only one participant? Not going to be very convincing with a single nimrod participating.

Anonymous said...

Lunch will be served at which noon? Oh wait, I see it's 12 noon. Thought maybe it started at at 11 noon, or maybe 1 noon. Should have read more closely. They should hold one of these at Coudersport Area Recreation Park Park, or as some say CARP Park. Don't need no stinkin' science when it comes to forest and game management. Just don't park next to the sign that reads "Emergency Personal Only." Unless you're REALLY going to be personal. I seen it coming when sportsmen started considering themselves better educated than biologists.

Anonymous said...

How could they refuse to corporate? Must be some silly law or something.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you stopped the poachers from shooting the deer all year and at night the numbers would increase. I'm so tired of hearing BAM at 4 am as well as my house being lit up by everyone with spotlights. Really people???

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask both of the clowns who will be in attendance if they would let their mechanic operate on their heart? I'm not sure why a couple bozos who go in the woods the Monday after Thanksgiving think they are better qualified to manage Pennsylvania's wildlife and forest resources better than the trained professionals.

Anonymous said...

Make it illegal to ride any ATV in the woods while hunting, even in getting to your "stand". NO Sunday hunting! Oh, BTW, I heard dogs bark too..woof..woof.

To all the smartass commenters, walk in the woods and see if the deer population is anywhere near what it was 20 years ago. Doesn't take a rocket scientist, a biologist, nor a nobody sitting behind a computer screen to notice the difference. Unfortunately, the hunters themselves have created some of this problem. When the PGC allows people to shoot multiple deer and you do it year after year. Don't blame anyone but the hunters, the PGC didn't fill all of those tags.
WOOF-WOOF. Way too many phantom shots in these parts. 3:01- BAM, 4:13- BOOM, 5:62- BLAMO......
Stop putting DEER CROSSING signs on busy highways

Anonymous said...

I'm confused if they only made 110 contact's how does that translate to 700,000. Is it possible they contacted the groups that they knew were unhappy and not just hunters in general? But then again I'm not anti pgc on matters of deer hunting or a biologist, just a very satisfied hunter getting ready to put 4 or 5 deer in my freezer over the next few weeks!!!

Anonymous said...


Google PA Operation Game thief. Report your problems. You can choose to remain anonymous or give them your information. There can also be a monetary reward as well for a conviction. That reward is determined by the magistrate though not the PGC. Up to you.

Anonymous said...

Don't try this at home I am a trained professional. That is why private land and lenses have better healther deer herds. Yea. I got your bozo

Anonymous said...

3:10, 3:16, 3:17, really??? "forgeddaboutit" Go back to your slummy city and finish your degree in "spelling Nazism". Hater's hate, that's what they do. The joke is on you there sluggo. Psych. 101 teaches that for one person to make fun of another shows actual lack of intelligence and that people with small minds will always try to bring others down so that they themselves might look better.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that there is an organization that would want to remove the deer management program from the PGC and hand it over to 5 political hacks to determine deer seasons,antlerles allocations,etc.HB 2083 is the worst bill to come along.Most conservation org.,and sportsmens organizations are opposed to this bill.I would urge all sportsmen to contact their legislators and ask them to oppose this effort to remove the deer program from the PGC.

Bob said...

WOW We have never seen bucks like we have now, plenty of does if you want to hunt a little. Let the Game Commission manage and keep politics out of game management

Anonymous said...

Learn to hunt. I personally enjoy the fact that you have to work at it. Study your game animal,learn his was. Then when all your hard work has come together on one special day. The rest is up to you.
The PGC has done us a favor in many ways. Bucks are way nicer, starvation is almost nonexistent In hard winters.
If you need four or five deer to fill your freezer...maybe you should be looking for a better job.
Quit shooting does and you'll see your herd rebound.

Do you really need the meat that bad?

Deerblogger said...

Sounds like good common sense legislation that is long overdue. Herd reductions went too far, and besides that, hunters having no say in management is just plain goofy. Environmental extremists and timber interests should not be the deer dictatorship of Pennsylvania... Hunters are the tool of management and hunters pay the bills.