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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Public Herald: Officials Found Drilling Chemicals In Public Water Source, But Told No One!

Read the whole story:


Anonymous said...

illegal immigrates have more protection than the citizens of this country have.

Anonymous said...

4:12 you are so right.
I have a relative in a nursing home.
She has worked everyday of her life and payed taxes.
When her ins. Quit paying, we had an appeals process. They denied her.
So I asked if she were Muslim and here illegally, if she would be covered.
They said unfortunately YES.
I then asked if she had never worked a day in her life and was a burden to society, again yes.
So they take her retirement, 401k, and when she passes, her home.
So I guess it our mistake to work and be productive.

Anonymous said...

keep on drinking

Anonymous said...

One of the comments made concerning contamination and violations of water, air soil drilling companies was and I quote JKLM has a record of STELLAR performance in the fracking industry, yes the words were STELLAR PERFORMANCE!. I'm confused about who lies or who is misinformed on the STELLAR PERFORMANCE BY JKLM! MORE POLITICS?

Anonymous said...

Amen 4:12 as long as everyone is getting their pockets lined they don't care about anyone's health or life or long term effects of this. This Is unbelievable, Dirty Dirty Dirty. Good Job Herald.

Anonymous said...

4:12 & 4:53, 100% right on, illegal immigrants, welfare recipients, illegal disability people are treated & taken care of better than those that really need the help especially the elderly & those that really need disability, it makes me IRATE to see soooooo....many young people on disability that reap in everything FREE they can get. You'll see most of them sit ting on the streets smoking, tatoos to the hilt, etc. I could go on & on, just upsets me so much to think what this next generation offers to our country & society. We hard working people. Our children, our grandchildren will probably never see Social Security they've worked for but they will pay for the cream those lazy bums raked in for themselves, The govt just keeps taking from us. It's disqusting! !

Anonymous said...

Question, How do filtration systems work removing these chemicals from the water, and why On God's Great Earth would they issue 10 more permits.