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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Federal Government Tells Pennsylvania to Meet REAL ID Requirement or Face Restrictions on Residents Gaining Access to Federal Facilities

Harrisburg, PA – The federal Department of Homeland Security has notified Pennsylvania that state residents will face new restrictions gaining admittance to federal facilities in January because Pennsylvania’s driver’s licenses and IDs are not in full compliance with federal REAL ID requirements.

In 2012, Pennsylvania’s Legislature enacted Act 38, which bars the Governor or PennDOT from participating in REAL ID. The Department of Homeland Security had been granting states not in compliance a series of extensions, but announced in its Oct 11 letter to PennDOT that no further extensions will be granted unless there are new developments or information provided on why standards remain unmet and the reasons for continued noncompliance.

As a result, effective Jan. 30, 2017, Pennsylvania residents will need an alternative, secure form of identification to gain admittance to all federal facilities, military bases and nuclear power plants. The only exception is admittance to federal facilities for the purpose of applying for or receiving federal benefits. Each federal agency determines which secure identification it will accept.

DHS also pointed out that if Pennsylvania does not come into compliance by Jan 22, 2018 (or is not granted an extension), Pennsylvania residents will need to present an alternative form of identification acceptable to the Transportation Security Administration to board a commercial flight.

“PennDOT has always focused on providing a secure driver’s license and supporting process and we already have made additional improvements,” said PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards. “In large measure, we are out of compliance for limited technical reasons and because existing state law bars us from fully complying. While we understand frustration with the cost of this unfunded federal mandate, our failure to comply because of the prohibition of current law will be a burden for Pennsylvanians.”

If the Legislature would agree to lift the compliance ban, PennDOT would need time to make significant additional system changes to accommodate a fully compliant REAL ID process.


Anonymous said...

abut you don't need photo ID to vote for the politicians who put these regs in effect. Idiots

Anonymous said...

Atlas Shrugged is coing true!!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds as if someone dropped the ball on the drivers license security-related process for availability to federal compliance. I feel we need far more information to determine who is responsible for this situation and if the is an alternative to this lack of security in our said documentaction. Sounds like there will be numerous set back because of this non compliance. We need to know the cost of correcting this noncompliance or an alternative solution to just live a life free online complications, including just boarding a plane. This sounds like a serious matter that needs immediate attention and clarity for residents of Pennsylvania.a

Anonymous said...

OK so how do we get this new id why wasn't it already already with our drivers license???? More money to put out??

Anonymous said...

Isnt it odd that only people seeking federal assistance (free money) are allowed into federal facilities without the new ID? So someone looking for a free ride can walk right in but a hard working contractor isn't allowed to go in and go to work.
Are the people looking for/receiving benefits more trustworthy and 'safer' than working citizens?
Just more federal regulations telling the states what to do and 'strong arming' them with financial penalty.
This won't end until the federal government requires every American citizen to possess a government ID, except for illegal immigrants, they wont be required to have ID's and will be welcome in every government facility.. Just Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the only option will be for everyone to get a passport. Seems like drivers licenses are the problem

Anonymous said...

Its called Pennsylvania law makers live in the stone ages. We are so far behind most if not all the other states its shameful. The only thing this state offers is great welfare for those unwilling to work.

Anonymous said...

Homeland Security wants us to have swastikas stamped on all of our ID's to prove that we are true members of the State.....

Anonymous said...

seems like all the complainers want it both ways. They yell about voter ID but your politicans voted to not get ID So now you complain. Blame your politicans for it not being done.Same as e-verify for business the politicans at the federal level do not want their campaign donors looked at for employing these people.Same for HB-1 visa,s take jobs from educated americans to lower the pay to benefit big business.But all the republicans want more HB-1 visa.Look what Disney did to it,s tech workers.They brought in HB-1 and fired the americans and your congress did nothing.So get informed they are all trying to drive down wages to benefit big business that fund their campaign,s

Anonymous said...

I think voter ID is "ok" (just typical harassment of voters and hoping that we won't want the hassle) but they are looking for MONEY... passports will be needed (MEGA BUX) just like needing drivers license every 4 years... how often will we need passports? They are looking for new income... apparantly wasting our tax dollars is NEVER going to be their issue!! And who is going to monitor that these are gotten not under false pretenses? We have already proven people can be whoever they want to be including proving who they are (multiple IDs)