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Friday, November 11, 2016

Coudersport Resident Gets A Lesson In Shopping Locally

Ken Johnston
I purchased a gallon of paint at Home Depot in Olean last week, painted a bunch in my home and ran out-another trip to Olean after calling them and ordering the same thing. 

Upon arrival at the Home Depot Paint Department, was informed the paint was not mixed and was not ready, the phone message with color numbers was missing and they couldn't help me unless I had the numbers from the can-lid-well not without another trip home and then back to Olean! 

I took a chance and called the Wagner Ace Hardware here in Coudy, explained my problem and asked if by chance, they could color match Home Depot color of paint. The clerk assured me they could, so Monday I went in with the numbers from the lid and watched him mix the paint, stir it and shake it, sure enough got the color right too. 

He pounded the lid on and I went happily on my way. 

My grand-daughter had the floor covered with her stuff between the seats, so I set the can of paint on the seat. When I opened the door and started to get the paint, I discovered pink paint had found it's way on my black seat, caused by a warped lid that popped open. 

The manager and wife brought rags and 1/2 dozen cleaning products, soaked up much of the pink blobs, We decided to let Tim Foust and his Son work on getting the rest out at Tim's Detail Shop-he detailed it and got all but a small amount off (looks like someone had a powdered sugar donut smear is all thats left showing! 

Ace Hardware paid for the detailed cleaning and apologized over and over, I cannot emphasize how well they treated me. As I was leaving the store, after signing papers, Chris handed me a $25 gift certificate for my trouble!

Now, tell me, where do you think I will shop for paint/hardware or any thing else??

ACE really is the place with the helpful hardware man/woman!

Ken and Diane Johnston
23 Mockingbird Lane
Coudersport, PA 16915-0265


Anonymous said...

Warms my heart.

John Peterson said...

Hell yeah I always go there before anywhere else

Anonymous said...

Most times it simply doesn't pay to make the trek to Olean. For the most part Home depot sucks. Their prices are nothing special, their sales tax is higher (and NY taxes everything!), and their lumber sucks. Not to mention the extra time out of your life to make the trip, and the gas. It's one thing if they or some other store has what you need, and no one else does, but I find that to be rare. I go to NY about twice a year, and the rest of money is spent locally.

Anonymous said...

O.k. Why didn't you go to Coudy Ace in the FIRST PLACE? Oleander...Coudersport???? Which is closer to my home???? Wagner's have ALWAYS been terrific. Lesson learned, I hope!

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt this is a good lesson. If you can afford to shop locally and pay two or three times the price for the same product you could get at Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot etc. for a lot less then its a good thing and good for you.
Unfortunately most of us cant afford to pay more than we have to.
I will drive out of town anytime to save a lot of money.
and I'll take the proper information with me.

Anonymous said...

If more people would shop locally then local stores could offer a more competitive price. Big box and chain stores buy in bulk and get a cheaper wholesale price and make bigger profits off the backs of it's customers.

Anonymous said...

To 4:34, most of the time the items at the big box stores are of lesser quality. The John Deere line and Cub Cadet line sold at those stores are different than those bought elsewhere. They cut corners on those things to "save" you money that you'll pay for later. As the gentleman who posted said a lid came off his paint. Do you think Home Depot personnel ,all 3 of them, would come out and help you. As far as driving to save money, the IRS figures it costs about $0.52/mile to drive. Are you saving that much money? Driving all over to save $5-10? How much did it cost you to drive to save that money? Why should you give your money to a local business? When the local Little League or Girl Scouts need donations, who steps up? The LOCAL stores. The LOCAL stores "may" cost a little more, but in the long run you will be better off. As far as wood quality, not even close to an equal comparison. Try shopping locally, you will be surprised not only at the quality but also the service. Is it more like sour grapes by not supporting someone local? Sign me, Just curious.

ken said...

I did not make a special trip to Olean for the paint, but regardless the cost and product were very similar and the extra cost of gas for 2 round-trips more than compensated the price difference.

The service at ACE was my point, excellent!

Ken Johnston

Anonymous said...

Oops....sorry for the 'Oleander' typo....OLEAN!

Shawn said...

The amount of money you spend in gas to go to the big box stores is usually the difference in the local price verse the box store price.

Anonymous said...

what happened to all the Wal -Mart worshippers.They hurt middle america with their demanding products be made in China.But most of you think they are greater than sliced bread

Anonymous said...

Good reasons to take advantage of free delivery and free shipping and the larger stores offer that.

Anonymous said...

I only go to home depot for the wide variety of different wood molding cuts. Other than that I always go to closes for lumber and the local hardware stores.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter where you shop everything is made in china.

Anonymous said...

The point this man is making is he was pleased with the service from ace

Anonymous said...

If only more business establishments in the area offered the same service that this man seems to have received. So many local stores and other businesses aren't that customer friendly, or that helpful. In a small area we need to have some added insensitive to do shopping in places where the prices may be higher. That service is not always offered in larger stores, but the price does dictate at times, what is more important.I do a lot of shopping at local establishments, but we all need to be more friendly and helpful in order to maintain a local customer base.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks I guess I'm not one to shop locally, do not always find what I need locally & mention to them about getting it, yep they say they'll get it & it never happens and I agree with 2:35 pm, a lot of them are not customer friendly I shop at Wally World, get my hair done, we get our dog food at tractor supply, we ask them to carry it, never happened,prices are cheaper, to us Olean & Bradford are not that far, we kill to birds with one stone as the saying goes, we're not the only ones that do not shop locally, I'm glad everything went well for Mr Johnston