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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Port Allegany Man Charged With DUI With 2 Juveniles In Vehicle On Kim Hill Road


Anonymous said...

When will people learn that you cannot drive drunk anymore? This isn't the 1960's-70's. When Officer Bob would follow your drunk butt home, to make sure 'you got home alright'. The police no longer work for 'we, the people'. They work for our ruler's, big corporations and big $ lobbyist's. How else will they raise money if not fining/jailing 'we, the people' for each & every possible infraction of 'the law'? How can they help the privatized-prison-industry and the parole/probation depts. earn money? By more arrests of course. When will people learn that every time, they go out, they chance arrest? Sober or straight, there is no excuse for 'ignorance of the law'. How many laws are we to follow and memorize these days? Perhaps, law classes should be a required subject for all school children? How many US citizens are imprisoned compared to citizen's of all foreign countries? Why are privatized prisons(businesses)kept filled to a pre-contracted-capacity? That literally creates a market for inmates. We need REAL criminal justice reforms. Real criminals belong in prison. Those with actual victims. Yet, 84% of Fed prison population is 'criminals without a victim'. They're freeing dangerous predator's like repeat pedophiles and serial rapists. Parole & probation depts. can't and don't stop them from creating a slew of new victims. This mess needs fixing.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Who drives drunk let alone with children? Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Amen 8:41 I agree completely, you hit the nail on the head!

Anonymous said...

So 8:43 is saying it's okay to drive drunk because it's a victimless crime (except these two children) and that it's police officers fault we break the law? A whole new level of stupid.

How about we be responsible for ourselves and not expect Officer Bob to escort us home. Dumbass.